First Post!

Well, I’ve wanted to do this for a while, and I have finally done it! I have a WordPress Blog! I have wantd to write things down, for a while and I now have the platform to do it. I hope that I can make this interesting IF other people read this, but it is more for me to write, than for people to read. Don’t get me wrong, I DO want to have people read this though. As I go along, I will try to keep this updated, and relevent! Just in case people read this and are wondering, here are some of the things that interest me and that I will be probably writing about.

I ran the Rock n Roll Denver Marathon in 2010 and will be running the 1/2 marathon with my Daughter in the 2011 series. I also like running the trails around Castle Rock, so expect some running topics.

I used to race Mountain Bikes, and have had an itching to get back into that. There are PLENTY of trails around, and you can expect some writing on that too.

I am also a High School Lacrosse Coach at Castle View High School, here in Castle Rock. My son graduated this past year, but I will still be on the staff, so I will probably write some about the pre-season and regular season.

Finally, I will probably write about stupid shit from time to time. Like right now, I am watching Big Brother 11 while writing, so you might getsome of that too.

Thats it for now!



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