The Boy is ASU Bound!

Great News! When my Son graduated from High School on May 20th, he did so knowing that he would be taking the next year off from school. A decision that I was not happy with at all! You see, while I was not the best student in High School, or in College, I still value higher education, and I do not know a whole lot of people that take time off from school, and then go back. Oh sure, it can b done, and I know a few people that have done it, but I was still worried.

Late June rolls around and Tyler can to me and asked me if I still wanted him to go to College. Trick Question?? Anyway, at that time he had decided that he wanted to apply to Arizona State University. Iwas suprised at the turn of events, but happy that he was thinking about College again! I really didnt think that with his decision to apply, so late in the Summer, that there would be ANY possibility of him going to school in the Fall. Maybe starting the Winter or Spring Semester, but not the Fall. Tyler took care of everything that he needed to, and during the first week of July, he got a call from ASU saying they liked his application, and they werelooking forward to getting his Transcripts. That was encouraging, but still, there was no way that he would get in AND be ready for Fall, was there??

Well, Tyler came home from a friends house early this morning (Mom needed the car early to get to a swim meet) and checked his e-mail before going back to bed and posted on his facebook Page, “Fuck Yes…! Got accepted to ASU”

So, I was one of the First to find out, but on Facebook?!?!? Ah Yes, Social Networks!!!

Anyway, now all of the fun begins! When does he need tobe at ASU? when is Freshman Orientation? What do we need to get for him before he leaves? Oh Yeah, and how do we pay for this??? I am sure everything will work itself out though.

Congrats Tyler!



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