Day 1 1/2 Marathon Training!

Well, today was the first running day of marathon Training! As some of you know, I ran the Rock n Roll Denver Marathon last year with a group of friends. It was a great experience! One that I wanted to experience again. My Daughter also decided that she wanted to run, but thought that the Half Marathon was a good place to start. Kenzie also talked her friend Michael intorunning the Half Marathon as well.

Again, today was the first running day of our 12 week training, and we are using Hal Higdon’s training plan from It is the same training program that I used last year, just a shorter version. It took a little time to wait out some nice Thunder storms to pass through Castle Rock, which actually cooled temperatures nicely.

Kenzie and Micheal wanted to run behind me, so the plan was to drop a marker @ 1 1/2 miles on an Out-and-Back run so they would know where to turn around. I wanted to run around 10:30 to 11:00 minute pace since I haven’t run in over a month, and that is right around where I finished. Then I waited, and waited, and waited for the kids. I finally started back down the trail, to see where they were, or if something happened to them. I met them about 1/4 mile from the end, and they were running a pretty good pace. That is when they told me they somehow missed the marker, and ran all the way to the Wolfensberger Burger King before turning around! Ah, no big deal, they jusr ran an EXTRA 2 MILES!

Well, at least they know they can make the 5 mile run that we have to do in two weeks.

Too Funny!



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