Week 2 Marathon Training

First Off, It appearsthatI need to be better at writing these on a more consistent basis, one more thing to work on!

Well, we are 1/2 way through week two of the 1/2 Marathon Training, and things are going well! Kenzie and her running partner Michael are also doingwell. It is fun to follow someone else’s progress as well as my own. More on that in a minute.

I am getting some help again frommy buddy Michael over at the Boulder Running Company. He won teh Rock n Roll Denver Marathon last year, when he decided 4 days before, to even run the race! He is also a two time Olympian with Team New Zealand, so he does knowsomething about running. He told me when I started, to expect the first two weeks to really suck, and, well, they have. I am no where near where I was last year at this time, but things are progressing, and I am happy with the progress. I know that taking a whole month and ten days away from running, makes it difficult to just bounce back from. In any case, my pace is moving in the right direction, and my “wind” is coming back as well. The distances that training for the 1/2 Marathon are shorter, and that has helped as well, but they are startingto ramp up, with a bump up with week 3.

Since the distances are still relatively short, I have not really had teh need to run with my belt (Amphipod Water belt) and I haven’t really needed to take and nutrition with me, so I have nothing to report on that yet, but I will soon. Some of you know how into using Colorado Based products I am, and this race will be no different. I will be trying out the Honey Stinger line of Gels, Chews, and my Honey Stinger Waffles! Honey Stinger is a Colorado based company out of Steamboat Springs.

I have been really proud of Kenzie and the way her and Michael have taken to their training routine. They both havea really good attitude towards training, and have also been making great strides in adding distance and knowing where they would like their pace to be. Kenzie even calls or texts me when she hits a pace or a distance that is faster or longer than the last.

well, that’s it for now,




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