The ASU Adventure!

Well, the ASU Drop Off Tyler to School adventure is almost over so I figured I better write about it before we leave.

The trip started at 2:00pm on Friday,picking Kenzie up at CVHS. We jumped on I-25 around 2:05pm for a trip that I thought would take about 15 or 16 hours with all of the stops I figured we would have to make. Pueblo CO flew past and next thing I knew, we were in New Mexico. We stopped in Las Vegas, NM to eat dinner, and then back on the road. Moving along, we were next crossing the border into Arizona! Kenzie took a shift making sure that I stayed awake, and we had some good Conversation! Next was Tyler’s turn, and he was up well into the early morning hours and did a good job of navigating, until we got to our Hotel. Only problem, was that we got there about 4 hours to EARLY! And I wasnt even speeding!  We did talk the Manager into letting us get our room early though.

We finally went into Town, and found campus. From there, we went over to the Wells Fargo Center (where the Sun Devils Basketball Team plays) to get his room key, mail key and some other stuff. By now it was hotter than hell, so getting inside was a godsend, thank goodness for AC! Once we got Tyler’s stuff we took a quick walk past Sun Devil Stadium!

It Sounds like students get a great deal on season Tickets for Football and basketball, so Tyler put in his request for tickets. Homecoming game against…..University of Colorado! They also have home games against USC and Cal.

On the way back to the car, and to unload Tyler’s stuff at his Dorm,Kenzie and I took a quick detour past the ASU Aquatic Center.

Since Kenzieis now the resident swimmer in the family, I thought it would be neat to see the Complex, and it was bigger and nicer than I thought. This is a Major University though, so I kind of forgot how things are!

We got back to the truck and got a Huge moving Box on a dolly to move everything. Tyler almost filled the box, but looking at the boxes that some kids (mostly girls) had, you would think they were moving here permanently. We got directions to Tyler’s dorm room, which is on the first floor, and started to go in. There was that slight anticipation when he opened the door,wondering if his roommate was there yet. Door opens, and Tyler is the first one there! he gets to pick everything! We dropped off everything and left him to get his things situated.

We went back to the the Hotel to hang out for a bit before Dinner. And to get back into the nice cold AC! Tyler decided to have dinner with us, and brought one of his friends with him. A really nice kid from Houston, but older. It turns out that he did a 4 year tour in the Army and is now getting back to College! We had a nice dinner, and got to listen to the two boys making plans for their first night on Campus.

We dropped the boys off at Tyler’s Dorm, and went back to the hotel for drinks by the pool. It was nice to just chill, and I ended up hitting the sack by 8:00pm. When we woke up on Sunday, there were really no plans, so we had a leisurely breakfast poolside,before heading back to Campus. When we picked up Tyler, he still had no roommate yet. He is hoping that the guy doesn’t show up, so he has the room to himself. Highly Unlikely! We took him to Walgreen’s to get a few last-minute things, that he needed for the room, and that is when he told me that he left the Power Cord for his TV! It is a specialized cord, so not one that we can just pickup anywhere.

For lunch, we met with one of Tyler’s friends from Castle Rock, that is also going to ASU, Rashad and his Mom. We had a very nice lunch with them, and got Oyster’s on the Half Shell! From there, we dropped the kids off again, so Rashad could get his dorm situated, and so Tyler could go help a girl he met (From Boulder!) get her room put together.

That is where we are right now. Tomorrow Morning we will be leaving Arizona for the COOLER confines of Colorado! Tyler did agree to get up early to say good-bye, instead of doing it tonight. I am sure this will be the really tough part for Kristal, as she has been dreading this part since we left Colorado. I’m sure there will be tears, but things will be Ok. It will definitely make for an interesting drive home!

As of 9:00pm, Tyler still has NO ROOMMATE!

Oh Well,



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