Week 4 and 5 wrap-up 1/2 Marathon Training

Wow! I gotta say, that the training that I have been doing for this 1/2 marathon seems to be more difficult that when I was training for my Full Marathon last year. Last year’s training seemed so easy to stick with, and this year, it has really been difficult to find the motivation and stick-to-it-iveness. Over the past few days, I think that I have gotten back into the routine of running, and have found some things or people to keep my motivation up.

Last week, I really didn’t do a very good job of sticking to my plan, but I was getting ready to take my son to School in Arizona, and then when I got there, well, the 106 degree weather was NOT appealing to run in. I was calling myself a pussy since I saw plenty of people out in the weather. And I was sweating like crazy already!

Week 5, which started this past Monday, did have a small slip-up. I was supposed to run 4-2-4-6 miles on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Sunday. I didn’t run on Thursday, but I did make up for it, and got my 4 miles in today (Saturday). Saturday’s run was actually a pretty good run, and I was happy with my pace. I had wanted to run a 10:30 pace, and finished at 10:31. Now, I have to work on evening out that pace. My 1st mile was at 9:30, so I then am hitting a higher pace for later miles, I want them to all be closer to the same.

I am writing this before the finish of week 5 so tomorrow I will be running my 6 mile run. I have not run 6 miles since the 10K’s I ran in January and February, and I have to remember that I am still building my running base, so my times will not be where they were a few months ago. No Problem Though!

Some of the things that I am trying to use as motivation, aren’t things, but people and events. One of those things I am trying to use to motivate, are actually two people! One of those people I know personally, and the other I know because of Twitter. Both of these folks are running in different 100 mile Trail Races! One of those races is the Leadville 100 that started this morning around 4:00am. I keep looking at all of the training that these guys log, and then look at the training that I have to do, and it makes it look so much simpler. I think about how I feel on some of my runs and think about what it must be like to pass the 50 mile trail marker, and think, “Hey, only 50 more miles and I am done!” I keep using those things as motivation and it helps. The other thing I am relying on is the fact that I was able to train for, and Complete a full Marathon last year. I just need to get over this hump and things will be fine.

Well, see you next week, with a recap of week 6!



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