Who LOVES Their Keurig?

So, I don’t think that there is anyone who LOVES their Keurig Coffee Maker as much as my wife and I do! I suppose that is an argumentative statement, but but I think EVERYONE could agree that The K-cups that must be used, do get a little expensive, especially if you are addicted to caffeine like we are.

I decided one day, to look into a way of saving some money when using the Keurig. Keurig is one of the Most Popular single use Coffee Makers on the market, and as such, there are plenty of accessories that can be found online and in stores.

The one that I thought would help save me money is an Ekobrew Reusable Filter that I bought onlinge from Amazon.com! Not only is this a great way to save money-buying coffee in bulk instead of the single use K-Cups, but this one is also made in the USA (proud flag-waver here)! The Reusable Filter allows me to use my favorite Coffee, in this case, Beans from A Locally OWNED and OPERATED Coffee shop called Lost Coffee! THe only problem was I didn’t find too many promising posts online. Most people said that teh coffee came out too weak. This is when I enlisted the help of one of the owners (and my neighbor) of Lost Coffee, to perfect my coffee making experience. Scott indicated that he had read up on the Keurig, and sent me home with 2 different grinds of coffee, one a little finer than the other.


My Ekobrew Reusable Coffee Filter

when I got home, I decided to test everything out, and make Lots of coffee! I started out with the #3 Grind that Scott sent me home with, which is a standard grind. Coffee came out and i put it in a clear glass. It looked good, and didn’t look watery or weak. taste Test proved otherwise. It was weaker than I liked my coffee. So I rinsed out the filter and tried the #2 Espresso Grind that I had. Again, still a little weak for my taste. Then I got to thinking about all of the times I had watched Scott and his staff, making my drinks at Lost Coffee. What did they do? well, one step in the process was to Tamp down the grounds, BEFORE they make the Espresso! What did I have to do that with? My wife used to sell Pamered Chef, and we have TONS of tools, most that I have NO IDEA how to use. One in particular seemed like the right tool for the job. Or at least it fit inside the Filter.


Some Sort of discontinued Pampered Chef Pastry Tool. My Coffee Tamper!

So I refilled the reusable Filter with the #2 Espresso grounds, and tamped down the coffee. Not very hard mind you, but enough to still let the water travel through. I placed the Filter back inside my Keurig, and let it do its thing. Still made the coffee in a clear glass, and it did look a little darker this time. I waited a minute, so the coffee could cool down a bit, and then I took my first sip. It definitely tasted stronger! It tasted almost as good as the delicious beverages I get from Lost Coffee, and at a fraction of the price as the K-Cups I buy at the Grocery Store! I will now be able to buy both my regular AND Decaf (don’t look at me, that’s the wife!) beans from Lost Coffee, and Save Money.

SO, let’s Recap! If you have a Keurig and you would like to save some money, get a Reusable Coffee Filter! Go to your Local Coffee Shop and get some beans. Ask them to Grind them for you, using the #2 (Espresso) setting. Once you start using the filter, tamp down the coffee IN the filter, and start the machine. Now, this is for how I like my coffee. You might like yours weaker, or stronger than I do, so play around with it. This is a Great way to save money!

I hope you found this helpful!



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