Trail Running in/around Douglas County Colorado

OK, I am going to start my Next Big Adventure in Trail Running and writing about it! For the past couple of years, I have dabbled in Trail Running, and most of the time I stay in Castle Rock Colorado. that is where I live, and I like staying close to the homestead. Recently however, I have ventured out a bit more and tried a few new trails in the Greater Douglas County Area. This Morning for instance, I went and ran a few miles (5.17 to be exact) in bluffs Regional Park, and part of the East-West trail.

I then got to thinking, maybe I should write about these places once I have run them a few times. I have run almost every Open Space trail in the Town of Castle Rock, so I will probably start with a few of those. I will add in more trail as I run them, and have a better knowledge of the area. For instance, I think I will go and try running Dawson Butte tomorrow, which is a little South of Castle Rock. It is a nice 5 mile loop, with some little Spurs off of the Main Trail.

So, in the coming weeks (I will try to get at least one trail out per week) I will have more write-ups on the trails in and around Douglas County. Who knows, this could be my BIG BREAK! I could maybe turn this into a FULL TIME CAREER and not have to worry about “working” again! Hey, I can dream….

So, please take a look at the posts as they come out. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, offer feedback on the trails that I write about. And, if there are Trails that you are interested in, drop me a note, or Tweet me, or comment here, and I will do my best to get a write-up out there.

Lastly, I am sorry that there are no pictures on this blog post, and I know that is a Cardinal Rule of blogging (pictures keep people interested!) (Do they Really??) so I will have pictures of each place I run. More for flavor, and not as a step by step view of the trail.

So, look for the VERY FIRST Trail Blog in a Day or Two!

that’s it for now!


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