September 2012 Running Month in Review

WOW!!! I have become SO LAZY when it comes to writing! So, I am going to Break Out of that Rut RIGHT NOW! Yes, I still do owe a Review of the 2012 Bear Chase Race, and I do have a bunch of Trail Reviews that I need to write, but those will come soon enough.

Today, I am going to start something new. I am going to do a Quick hit on what I have done during the month, as far as running goes. The mileage I have put in, the Gear I run with, and any races I have competed in. That last part will be dwindling down, since I will not be running too many races until a become Gainfully Employed again. But Here we go!

So, September started off with a Bang! Many of you know I use Strava, it is an App and a website that helps you track both Running and Cycling miles, and allows you to create “segments” on those runs. The Segments can be seen by others, and it ranks people who have also ran the segment. It can get really competitive, and addictive. I really like this app, so check it out! anyway, they have monthly challenges, and September’s Challenge was a running challenge. Very Simply, run 100 miles in 16 Days! so we are clear, ALL of August, I ran 107 miles. I really didn’t think I could make this challenge, which was running a 10K every day for 16 days, but I was willing to try. Also, right in the middle of this challenge, was the Denver 1/2 Marathon Trail Race, which meant, NO Tapering. It dawned on me that my training has really just been running and I really have no idea what I need to do to train, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. So I ran for 7 days straight, took that Saturday off, and then ran the Denver Trail 1/2. Miles started piling up, and by September 16th, I had run 113.3 miles! I was pretty happy with myself, as this was the most I had run in a month, let alone 16 days. I am looking forward to the Next Running Challenge That Strava comes up with. And if you are looking for a Run Tracking App, go to it is free, and you can use an iPhone, any Android Based Phone, or download from your Garmin device.

During the Challenge, I did run the Denver 1/2 Marathon Trail Race, on September 9th and i DID do a Review of that, so I am not going to cover it here, but you can find it right below this Blog Post.

I still had running to do after the Challenge, and the month of September was only half over. I also had another 1/2 Marathon at the end of the month. I would be running the Bear Chase Trail 1/2 Marathon on September 30th.

After the Denver 1/2, I really wanted to be able to run the Bear Chase well, and I even thought about trying to up my Training and move from the 1/2 to the 50K. Ever since going to Leadville for the Leadville 100 Trail race, I have wanted to run an Ultra-Marathon, but thought that it might be wise to stick with a real training plan, and NOT just try to “Figure it out” as I went, so I WILL be running an Ultra, but in 2013! Training went well for the last 2 weeks of September, and was even able to run with one of my Running Buddies. That should be changing soon, and we should be running together more.

The Bear Chase came up on September 30th, and it was Great! I felt like I was ready to run the Race, and both my Wife and Daughter volunteered at one of the Aid Stations, so they would be there, and I could pull some inspiration from them as I passed. It worked, and I was able to run the 1/2 in 2:08 which, while not a PR, is a very good time for ME, and helping to get me to my goal of breaking 2 hours in a 1/2 Marathon. This race was also the Last day of September, and the last miles to add to my Monthly Total. The Bear Chase Race is one of the BEST Races, I have run. It is Well Organized, Well Marked, and Well Volunteer-Staffed! I STRONGLY recommend this race, and I WILL be running it next year! you can find it at

So, My Monthly numbers were: 25 out of 30 days running. 3 Double running days. 2 1/2 Marathons Run. 1 Cross-Training Mountain Bike Ride. Grand Total of 178 Miles Run.

I don’t believe that I have any races scheduled for October, but that might change. I do plan on getting to some new Trails this month, so I have that going, and There might even be some Snow Runs in October!

Thanks for Reading!



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