No More Running “Whenever” I Want!

Good Evening Everyone!

Because of the Name of this Blog, I try to Keep my posts to Running Related items WHENEVER Possible. This post will be no different.

As Many of you know, on June 15th 2012 my company, Tangoe Inc basically closed their Greenwood Village and Pueblo Colorado offices. I had worked for that company (even though there were MANY company purchases and name changes) for just under 10 Years. I am kinda loyal that way.  Some of you that follow me on Twitter might remember that I even “Live Tweeted” our Lay-Off meeting. It was one of those things that almost everyone knew about, but was still being kept secret. Kind of a Chicken-Shit move in my opinion, but it is-what-it-is, or it was-what-it-was!

Now is where I will apologize for NO PICTURES. Anyway, after I finally got over the fact that I had no job, and got used to a daily job search, followed by logging onto the Unemployment Insurance website every other Sunday, I determined that I could basically go Run WHENEVER I wanted. I had a ton of free time, and I figured that running would kelp me keep my sanity, and possibly keep my wife from killing me since I was now around the house a whole lot more! Now, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read me, but please don’t tell her I said that. 🙂

This newfound running time, allowed me to train for and run, 4 half marathons in 3 months, and get me much closer to my ultimate goal of breaking 2 hours for a 1/2! Please feel free to keep any “slow” comments to yourself. Not having a job, also brought me to the realization, that I would not be able to run anymore races after my last one in November.

Well, fast forward to earlier this morning. I received a call from an HR Rep from Arrow Electronics who was calling to verbally offer me a JOB! It has been 3 days short of 4 Full months of Unemployedness, but I was shortly after that call, going to receive my Official Offer Letter! That is a VERY good thing, but it will GREATLY cut into my running time. I can certainly figure out a way to get my runs in creatively, and I am very thankful that this opportunity has presented itself. Arrow Electronics is a Great Company, and I look forward to this new opportunity.

I really need to thank my immediate family for keeping the faith, and then my extended family for all of the help the furnished. And Finally Thanks to my friends who were great at keeping me positive. And to my one buddy who actually texted me and suggested that I look into Arrow!

Well, there you go. A New Blog Post, with NO Pictures, AND Tied in to running, but being about my NEW JOB OPPORTUNITY! Well, I think I will maybe get a New Post out this weekend on my Kick Ass new Running Shoes!

thanks for reading,



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