My FIRST Running Injury (and hopefully ONLY)

Well Here I am again, finally writing another post! Since my last Blog Post, I have started a NEW JOB! I ran another Trail 1/2 Marathon, and almost posted a new PR! I completed 2 Strava Challenges, running 50 miles in 7 days, and running 31 miles in a weekend! AND Since the last Blog Post, I have succumbed to a Running Injury!

I have been very lucky with my past runs. I have watched other runners that I know have to deal with this, and i have made it unscathed. I have listened to their stories or read about them in their blogs, and I have said, “wow, I have been kind of lucky so far”. Most of them have had to deal with plain old Over-use Injuries, where some time off the Trail or Road has been just what the doctor ordered. A few have had to go through a stretch with Physical Therapists, and I have been able to keep running.

Last Thursday, I got up early (4:30am) to get my run in before work, and then start my Work-Day. I got my gear on and hit the road. This was my run where I coined the phrase, Near “Poop-Tastrophe”. Yes, I said NEAR, but that is for another blog. Anyway I had to cut my run short, but on the way home, I felt a twinge on the outside rear portion of my right foot. I didn’t really think to much of it because, well, I had OTHER things on my mind, like what was the quickest way back to my house! As I look back on that run though, I remember feeling this for most of the run, on and off. It wasn’t really a Sharp Pain, more of a dull, nagging pain, like something pulling. It went on for most of Thursday, and it was then that I decided that I might need to take a day or two off, just in case.

Friday rolled around, and the FIRST day I have ever taken off from Running because I thought I might be injured. A Friend of mine indicated that it might be a fracture, but I was not convinced. OK, I didn’t want to think it could be that, but we discussed it more on Saturday, a day that I planned on running Part of the Bear Chase Race Course, after Coaching Lacrosse very close to Bear Creek Lake Park. Instead, when I got home, I did what I have told MANY People Not to Do! I started down the path of Internet Self-Diagnosis.

I first Googled “Jones Fracture” and Dr. Dulleck was able to Determine that is not what I am suffering from. Then I started my Google Search on other Injuries. I was able to find a Forum at and one person indicated that they had an issue with Tendons that attaches to that little bone on the outside of your foot, mid-way between your toes and heel. They are the Peroneus Brevis, and the Peroneus Longus. I did more research and it makes sense. As with Any Tendon, it can be Pulled, Strained, Partially Torn or Fully Torn.

Well, IF this is what is wrong with my foot, It would make sense. I know that I didn’t Tear anything, but it could just be strained. Afterall, that is what it feels like. It does not hurt all the time, and I could live with it being this. If you know me well, then You Know I have a Huge Phobia when it comes to Doctors. I can be around them, but I can not easily go to see them when something is wrong with me. I even have a newly minted HEalth Insurance card because of the New Job mentioned above! But I do Not want to go see someone. So as I sit here writing this, I am almost done with Day 4 of my Self-Imposed 7 Day Rest Period. After that 7 day Rest, I will hit the road, or Trail and see how things go! I have my fingers crossed that I will be fine, but if that is not the case, then I might, Just Might, head to a Doctor, and see how well I diagnosed myself. This does kind of suck because I was planning on writing a Special Announcement Blog Post, but that will have to wait until hopefully Next Week!

Its kind of funny really, today was just kind of cold, yesterday had a high of 18 degrees in Castle Rock, and what did I want to do? I wanted to go out and Run! I suppose that I am still as I have always been. Don’t tell me NOT to do something, because that is then the FIRST thing I want to do. Tomorrow will be Day number 5, so I am almost there. So I guess I will Keep you posted!


Mitch or (Dr. Dulleck) for now


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