2013 Race Calendar and Running GOALS

Hello, and Happy New Years to Everyone! I have had this ready for a while, but wanted to make sure I felt really comfortable before publishing it. Funny thing is, I still don’t feel totally comfortable, but I feel that I need to get this out before January 1st. Afterall, you can’t create goals AFTER the Year starts, right?? I also can’t wait anymore for one goal to be announced. I have spoken about it to some people, but I need to put this into ACTION! So, Here Goes!

2013 Race Schedule


Pike’s Peak Road Runners Winter Series #1  (Long Course 7 miles)

I have run this race the past two years, and wanted to run the Long Course both times, but pussed out both times. THIS YEAR I will run the Long Course.


Ralston Creek 1/2 Marathon

Friends of mine ran this race last year and I almost signed up last-minute, but it sold-out. I think the 3 of us are running it this year, looking forward to a challenging course, and possible inclement weather. 🙂


Running of the Green 7K

I ran this with Kenzie and the Schneider Bro’s last year, and it is a HUGE race in Downtown Denver. It was totally fun last year, and they have BEER!


I might need to find something for April, but not too sure what yet. If anyone has any good ideas, please let me know!


Colfax 1/2 Marathon

Actually running this with 2 other folks from my Office, which will be fun. Also, you get to RUN THROUGH THE DENVER ZOO!! Nuff Said!


Again, I will probably need to find a race for June, but if not I might do a few Longer runs in oh, I don’t know, maybe Leadville of someplace like that. 🙂


Silver Rush 50-Leadville CO July 14th

THERE IT IS!!! IN WRITING!!! I will be running (Traveling) the Silver Rush 50, I look at it as the Little Brother to the Leadville 100. I volunteered at the May Queen Aid Station last year at the Leadville 100. I was so Inspired by every single runner that I saw, that I decided then, that this was something I truly wanted to do. This will be the Hardest thing I have ever done, and will be the hardest Training Routine I have undertaken. I will be Heavily relying on my Family and Friends to complete this task, but I WILL COMPLETE IT!


Nothing planned yet, but that’s just because I cant find anything. Who knows, maybe I take a break this month.


Denver Trail 1/2 Marathon

I ran this race last year, it is run in Cherry Creek State Park, and it was a great time. I also ran a Great Time. It is a close race, and a keeper!

Bear Chase Race 50K

The 2nd LONGEST Race I will have ever run. I did the 1/2 Marathon last year, and really wanted to jump UP to the 50K, but felt that my training wasn’t sufficient at the time. This year, it WILL BE!


Nothing This Month, but it was that way last year, and that is OK, unless something cool pops up!


Turkey Rock Trot

Kenzie and I have run almost ALL of these, and this year will be no different. This is a fun Local Castle Rock Race, and it benefits the Douglas/Elbert Task Force.


Again, didn’t run anything last year either, but I also got my first Running Injury last December also, so I might be looking for a Jingle Bell, or a Santa Themed run!


1. Run 1000 miles. This should be an easy goal to achieve. In 2012, i was very close, and I had a month where I ran 8 miles! I look back at that and almost laugh. I figure, that this will be easy to complete, barring any injuries, so that’s all I have on this.

2. COMPLETE the Silver Rush 50- Completing this race will mean doing it UNDER the Cut-Off time of 14 hours, otherwise, I can’t count it. Again, this will be the hardest event I will have ever completed. I know a growing group of people who have finished longer races, but this will be my FIRST Ultra, and I am not really choosing a nice flat easy one for my first race. I will be leaning on my Family, my Friends, and the People I have met in the Ultra Community that I have met. I am really excited, for this, and can not wait for July! Yes, I will admit that I am a bit scared too, sometimes I think I am an IDIOT! Afterall, I still remember saying, “I’m not a runner”. But now, I think I am, and I will get my Finisher’s Medal, and Silver Bracelet!

3. Stay Healthy. This is probably a goal of everyone’s, but I  di get sidelined in december of 2012, so I felt obliged to add it. Who Knows, I might even start a stretching routine!


Well, there it is, IN WRITING! I hope that I get to cross paths with some of you at a Race or Two! and if you see me out training, give me a, “Hey Slacker, Move your Ass!”




2 thoughts on “2013 Race Calendar and Running GOALS

  1. Mitch ~
    Goodness you are going to be running all over Colorado :D. For October, might I suggest supporting Breast Cancer Awareness ~ Race for the Cure? Next year its actually being held on the 29th of Sept instead of in October but could still fill in your October quota! Have fun, be safe!

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