Run Stats for January 2013

Alright, its January 31st 2013 and I am trying something new, again. I am going to do a Not so Short write-up/Review of my Running Month. I am sure that this will evolve as the months go on, and if you have suggestions, PLEASE, post comments!

January 2013 was the start of a new year, and a year where I had lots of plans running-wise. I am going to run my First Ultra, I mapped out my Race Schedule, and have a goal of running 1000 miles during 2013.

So, to start off, I ran 20 days during the month, and had 11 rest days, during the 31 days of January. I ran a total 112.92 miles which averages out to about 5.6 miles each run. My longest run during the month was 10.02 miles and my shortest run was 3.19 miles on January 1st, but that was the day that I went out to the Incline in Manitou Springs! If you are NOT familiar with the Incline (Which actually turns LEGAL Tomorrow) check this out This is a great website.

I was not training for anything in particular during January, but I did have a Race. I ran the Pikes Peak Road Runners Winter Series #1 Trail Race. You can read the review of that race here: I was able to run about 45 of my miles out on the Trails. And I think I will have to start upping the division of Trail vs Road miles as I get closer to my 50 mile Trail Race in July. Right now I am running most of my runs in the EARLY morning, because that is really the only time I can, but my work schedule changes next week, and I will be able to get in a few more runs in during the afternoon, until Lacrosse starts on February 25th.

During the month of January, I had many COLD runs, with one getting down to Zero, and with a – degree windchill. There were also many runs in and on the snow, and I am sure there will be many more before we really get into the Springtime.

Well, that is about it for now. I will work on the format, and structure, maybe get a few pictures, and Who knows, maybe even have some give-aways from some of my Sponsors! Now, to get some Sponsors.

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