Ralston Creek 1/2 Marathon Recap

OK, So I am trying to write things as they come up, and NOT days later. So Today was the Ralston Creek 1/2 Marathon! This is one of the races that is on my schedule, so it wasn’t a Last Minute Decision, like last year, which was TOO Late. I tried to register, but it had already sold out. I planned to run this with my Running Buddies from the Rock N Roll Marathon; The Schneider Bro’s and Miyashita, who I Coach Lacrosse with. I then Joined Mile High Track Club, which meant more friends I knew at the race. And Finally I became an Ambassador for the Colfax Marathon, which meant even more friends to see. I think that is my Favorite aspect of running and the Running Community, the Friendship (and the fact that I now know SO many people who can Yell at me as they pass, and get my ass moving if I am walking)!

I got to the Course around 8:10am for a 9:45am start, but I needed to get there early to hand out some Colfax Marathon information. This race has 2 waves, the 1st Wave started at 9:15am and was for runners who would finish over 2:30, and Wave 2 which started at 9:45am and was for runners who would finish under 2:15. So I handed out some Colfax Info and then went to get my Bib #, my Shirt, and Goodie Bag. the Race Shirt was a Kind of Cool Grey Color, better than the white from last year. It was about 22 degrees out so I headed back to the Truck. That is when I figured out that I had FORGOTTEN MY SHORTS! Oh, I had stuff to run in, but I have NEVER been a “Just running in tights” Guy. Yeah, its fine for some (Just Not Me) so I wear shorts over them all the time. Well, except for THIS time.

My Newest Race Shirt! I have a FEW Now!

My Newest Race Shirt! I have a FEW Now!

After the Shorts Debacle, I started seeing people and got to hang out with some friends before getting ready to toe the line! Decided on the Winter Tights, Comfy Point6 wool socks, Under Armour ColdGear Long Sleeve, my MHTC Shirt, and my Adidas Sequence 5’s and my Ultimate Direction HandHeld. Number pinned and headed to the LONG port-o-let line. Made it to the Starting Line with about 3 minutes and couldn’t find Schneider, Schneider and Miyashita, but figured they would pass me at some point–They Did. And OFF we went!

If you haven’t run the Ralston Creek 1/2, it is apparently deceptively up-hill for the first 6 or so miles, and then there is a rather Steep climb with 4 Switch-Back climb that I had been “warned” about many times.

Miles 1 & 2

Well, as usual, I went out too fast, but still felt good and was able to slow things down. Course started on a road, that was not shut dow, but we quickly jumped onto a cement trail and followed Ralston Creek(??) just a couple of icy patches as we moved through neighborhood trails to a Golf Course. Minor uphill.

Miles 3 & 4

As stated earlier, around mile 3 is where Miyashita passed me, head nods exchanged, and off he went. We were still running through back yard trail, and still climbing, but still not really noticeable. I was back into a groove, but still running faster than I wanted. (My only goal for the day was to hit a 10 minute Pace overall) around mile 4 we got onto a sidewalk and actually saw some spectators!

Miles 5 & 6

These miles are where I really started to notice the climbing, it still wasnt too bad, but we were getting steeper. It was around 5.5 that the Schneider Bro’s came past, and I had my music cranked, so they scared the Crap out of me. At mile 6, I could also start to see the big Climb looming ahead, and I tried real hard NOT to look at it… Yeah, that didn’t work out.

Miles 7 & 8

Mile 7 was the lead up to “The Climb” and I stared to go into a little bit of a walk and Jog, and walk, but I wasn’t feeling well, so I started eating and drinking to see if I could get a bit more energy. Then we start UP the Climb, which I didnt think was too bad at first. But that quickly went away. There were a bunch of people walking, so I didn’t feel too bad, but still tried on and off, to run to the top.

Miles 9 & 10

Finally some Downhill. Started passing people again. I KNEW there was a reason that I carry this extra Weight! actually ran a 9:09 for mile 9, which may be slow for You, but it isn’t for Me! then after the downhill we went into rolling hills and then joined back up with the original trail we had come out on. You see, the Course was one big lollipop, and we were now running the reverse way back, so I knew what to expect. I still wasn’t feeling too well, and was grabbing water at every station, but still did not stop.

Miles 11 & 12 & 13

It was around mile 11 that I started grasping at straws! I knew i would make my goal time, but was still feeling bad, and tried to really psych myself into a better finish. I started thinking about Tyler (My son who is in San Diego at USMC Boot Camp) and if he can make it through what he is doing right now, then I can finish stronger than I am right now. That worked for a bit, but then mile 12 kicked my ass. It was my slowest mile AND it was mostly Downhill. Made it back on the Street with a VERY Motivating song, and was able to finish with a respectable little push!

Mile Recap:

Mile 1  8:35     Mile 2  9:24     Mile 3  9:53     Mile 4  9:49     Mile 5  10:10     Mile 6  10:48     Mile 7  10:34  10:59

Mile 9  9:09     Mile 10  9:56   Mile 11 10:00  Mile 12 11:33  Mile 13 9:55       Finish: 2:11:15

To the Victor go the Spoils, Well To The Finisher goes the Medal at Least!

To the Victor go the Spoils, Well To The Finisher goes the Medal at Least!

Another Race in the Books! I think I learned something too! I think that I get wrapped up in other people’s finishes and other people’s runs. I really need to just “Run my Own Race” Cliche I know, but I really do, especially if I am to successfully Finish the Silver Rush 50 in July. I was disappointed with my run today, and how I finished compared to friends. And It took a while to come to grips with the fact that I was only 2 seconds off the ONLY Goal I set for myself today. I will get better at this, but I have to keep it in mind much more.

I hope you enjoyed this, and Have a Great Week! Oh, and get a few miles in! It will make you feel Great!



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