Time Based vs Mileage Based Training??

Wow! A couple of people have asked me about this in the past, but This came out of the Blue! When I was doing my “Long Run” this past Saturday with the folks from Mile High Track Club, we started discussing different Training Techniques. During that discussion, I was ALMOST talked into changing my training for the Silver Rush 50 (training starts on March 11) from a Distance/Mileage Based Training Plan, to a Time Based Training Plan.

Now, as I just said, I have had discussions about this in the past, but never really thought about incorporating it as MY Training Plan. Well, until Saturday, when a Buddy of my, AND Ultra-Runner started talking to me about my Training, when it starts, where I plan to do my long runs, and how many Hours a week I planned to be “On my Feet”? thats when A few more folks came over and joined in the Discussion. # other people all agreed that they found great benefit in a Time based Training Plan.

I am already a “Head-Case about my Training, as you might have read in an earlier post, but this really threw me into a Tail-Spin! But then I started to really think about making the change. Sure, why not? I mean, training is training, and there are many Ultra-Runners that train this way. My only concern is this, is it the right way to train for ME???

Even though I am the only one that can answer this, I hope that I will get some feedback on what you all think. I have already printed out a 16 week Training Schedule for a 50-Miler, and it does look interesting. So over the next 2-3 days, I am going to compare the two, and make my decision. Again though, if you have any feedback, PLEASE let me know!

Sorry that there were no Cool pictures, but this was intended to be a Quick Hitter. I WILL make up for it next time!



2 thoughts on “Time Based vs Mileage Based Training??

  1. Honestly I don’t see much of a difference. I have an EZ 75 minutes tomorrow. I may do 8.5 miles, I may do 9. How is that any different then just planning 8.5 or 9 miles? I think the difference is all mental at that point.
    Generally I use a combination of distance & time. For example, tomorrow is EZ 75 minutes. Wed is 20x (1:00 @ 5k pace + 1:00 marathon pace) but since I know the paces, I could just as easily prescribe distances for that, but time is easier to follow during the workout. This Saturday, I’m doing reps of 400m @ 5k pace with 200m jog between them. Works just the same, I think.

  2. I wouldn’t get too hung up on going either way. I look at both. I have a running log that is based on miles, and I have a training log that is based on hours. The training log includes all the other cross training (biking, elliptical, stair climber, swimming, etc.). Your running training is going to be somewhat limited (either to miles or to hours) in order to reduce the chance of an overuse injury. You can somewhat simulate the duration of the Silver Rush by adding some cross training. If your running is limited to 4 hours (based on time or mileage), you can add some more hours to get in a really long day. If you plan on a 12 hour race, as your training progresses, have some 8+ hours days that may be a combination of running and cross training to get your body accustomed to the duration, without additional pounding.

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