Silver Rush 50 Training-Week 1

Well Hello and Happy Easter All!
Here it is, Sunday March 31st and I have One Week of training Under my Belt! I am doing a 16 week Time Based Training plan for the Silver Rush 50 in Leadville Colorado on July 14th. That seems so Far away right now. By then Lacrosse Season will be over (I Coach Men’s High School Lacrosse) and Tyler (my Son) will be back home from Marine Corps Boot Camp. Lots of changes, but I know the time for Training will FLY BY, which is why I MUST stick to my plan, or everything will go to Hell.

Anyway, here is Week One:

Monday: Rest Day-I love when Training Plans have Mondays as Rest Days, especially when THAT is the day that Training Starts. 🙂

Tuesday: 45 Minutes-I ran this, and will run most of my Mid-Week Runs, at work, in the EARLY Morning. I am battling a fairly bad chest-cold, so running for time right now is ideal. I hope this Cold Leaves Soon. Anyway I ran 4.48 miles in 45:05, and it was a bit chilly out-19 degrees.I was wearing my Brooks Adrenaline 13’s. I did not take any fluids or nutrition with me, but I AM eating Breakfast when I get to my Desk.

Wednesday: 60 Minutes-I was a little worried about this run, mostly because of time. I run for 1 hour, then need to get showered and changed and to Work by 6:00am. Also my Chest-Cold is hanging around, with no coughing during my run, but Horrible Coughing Fits After I am done. I ran 5.34 miles in 56:17 but was trying to take it easy. It was a balmy 28 degrees out and I was sporting my Nike LunarGlide 4’s.

Thursday: 45 Minutes-By completing this run, I would out due the number of runs I did in the Last two weeks. I really took it easy (was lazy). I still have my Cold, and felt like I was going to die when I was done running. I was coughing while running today, and am still sick! I ran the same route as Tuesday so figured it would take about the same amount of time. Ran 4.48 miles (EXACTLY the same as Tuesday) in 45:36, which was not too bad considering how I felt. It was a nice 36 degrees out and ran in shorts and a long sleeve tee!

Friday: Rest Day-MUCH NEEDED and no Lacrosse, so I knew I could NAP when I got home from Work! 😀

Saturday: 90 Minutes-SInce we had no Lacrosse Practice on Saturday, I got to Run with Mile High Track Club out of Run Colorado! I haven’t gotten to run with these guys in Weeks, so it was nice, AND The Nike Rep’s were making Waffles after the run! This week was a 12 mile out-n-back, and my thought was just to turn around at 43 minutes, assuming I would not even-split, or Positive-split my run. I came back to the shop about 1 1/2 minutes early and Really wanted to make 90 minutes, so I did laps in the parking lot! I ended up running 9.16 miles in 1:30:03. I was still sick, but no coughing Until After I was Done! Oh, and the Wafles were AWESOME! It was an Awesome 41 degrees, and I was able to run in Shorts and Short-Sleeves. I took in 1 Gel and about 20 ounces of Nuun. I also cruzed in my Nike LunarGlide 4’s.

Sunday: 3 Hours-I was really not dreading this run at all, except for the fact that I planned on doing it on the Road, as I was not sure about Trail Health (muddy) around my house. I left the House at 5:30am so I would be back in time for Easter breakfast! I Ran the 1st 9 miles to a friends house, and then ran with him for some company. It was good, because I forgot my iPod- WHO Forgets Music for their 3 hour run? I DO! Anyway, we were close to Ridgeline Open Space, so we did jump on the trail for a few miles, and it was totally dry! All in all, it was a great run with Michael, and I ran 15.87 miles in 2:59:20 so I guess I owe 40 seconds! This run also gained me 1100 feet in elevation, but I know I will need to ramp that up! I took in 2 Gels, 15 Pretzels, 3 Chews, 22 ounces of Nuun and 25 ounces of water. I was rocking my Brooks Adrenaline 13’s.

So my weekly Total was 39.33 miles, and I felt really Good overall. I know that my mid-week runs are going to get longer, and so will my Weekend Back-to-Back Long Runs. For week one I was really Happy. I am sure there will be weeks where I am LOW and hopefully HIGH weeks as well. I will also try to get these updates to progress as well, so if you have suggestions, PLEASE let me know. Also, I might be Stealing from YOUR Blogs! 🙂



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