Silver Rush 50 training Week 2

Well, here we are! Week 2 training has been put in the books! I think that week 2 was highlighted with GREAT Weather, Especially during the weekend, which meant that I was on the Trails for my two weekend Long Runs! That also meant that my distance was a little shorter for the week, as I am doing my training for the Silver Rush based off of Time, and Not Distance.

Monday:Rest Day-I am only into Training for a Short amount of time, and I already love my Rest Days! Really what I love is the fact that I do not have to get up at 3:30am during the week! No Run today, but its lacrosse Season, so plenty of walking at Practice. I wonder if I can count that as Cross-Training??

Tuesday: 45 Minutes-I ran my normal 45 minute Work Loop, but I ran it in Reverse. Ah Yes, I can be tricky at times! It was fine, and I even thought that I had run it faster than the regular way, but I was wrong. I ran 45 minutes and hit 4.79 miles for a 9:30 pace. I was still struggling with my Cest-Cold a bit, but it wasn’t to difficult to breath. It was also warmish, at 37 degrees out at Run TIme. I do not know when this Upgrade came out, but my Garmin posts the Temp now, on my Run-Connect page. I think its kinda cool.

Wednesday: 60 minutes-This was more of a just go out an run for 60 minutes deal. I was up at 3:30a the day before, ran, worked and then had Lacrosse games, so I was BEAT! I didn’t know exactly where I was running, just that it would be for…….60 minutes! I ended up doing a couple of new streets around my old Nextel office, before heading back to my New Arrow Office. It felt like a good run and I was purposely trying to Slow things down, because I was having troubles breathing today. It was pretty much teh last day that I had Chest issues too! I ran 60 minutes and that turned out to be 5.64 miles for a 10:39 pace. Again, teh weather was nice, 36 degrees, so Yes, I was in Shorts!

Thursday: 45 Minutes-Feeling back to normal, and felt good during run. I went back to my old run loop from work, and just had a cruisey run. When I got finished, I realized that my pace was a little off. I think what I am going to do for a while is make my Tuesday Runs more of a Speed Work day, and my Thursday runs, more of a “Just Run” day.

Friday: Rest Day-Again, I took advantage of not having to get up at 3:30am, and Slept in until almost 4:45! Still coaching Lacrosse, so lots of Afternoon walking though. I think one of these days, I am going to bring my garmin to practice, and see how far I walk during practice!

Saturday: 90 Minute Run- Today was a BUSY day for me, so I got up early to get my run in. I was originally going to go run with the folks at Mile High Track Club out of Run Colorado, but the weather was so nice, that I JUST HAD to get back on teh dirt. So I decided to go hit up Ridgeline Open Space, which is pretty much my BACKYARD!!! Went out with my Handheld, and was going to try to get as much Elevation as I could. there are lots of shorter but steeper climbs, but not many long sustained climbs. The Trail was in great shape, and I was able to get 7.84 miles in during my 1:30:12 Run. I was only able to get 746 feet of elevation but knew I would get more with tomorrow’s run! All-in-All, I liked this run.

Sunday: 3 Hour Run- Sunday was another Early Day. I had to be in Golden, at the Chimney Gulch Trailhead at 6:30am. I was meeting Alyce M. and Jake C. They had needed to get 20-22 miles in, and it was my plan to just follow along until it was time to turn around since I only needed 3 hours. It was my second time of running out at Chimney Gulch, and it was nice to know where everything was. I also knew that the first 2 miles were just UP UP UP! This might be one of the best trails I have run on, by far! We set off, and get into a pretty good managable pace. We finally get up to the point where we get onto the Beaver Brook Trail, and it starts rolling. It alsogets VERY icy in places, and if you have ever been on this trail, you know that it can be VERY TECHNICAL in places. Like a couple hundred foot drop Technical. Finally got to the point where I was turning around. I said my Good-Bye’s to Alyce and Jake and started back. It was really pretty fun being out there by myself, but I don’t know if this would be a good Winter running spot to go out and do on my own. It did take me far less time than I thought and finished my run in 2:48:50. I did get 10.31 miles in and got 2340 feet of Elevation.

So for my Summary, I got 33.22 miles during the week. This was a good week overall because of the time that I was able to spend on the trail. I know that almost exclusively, I will be running on the street Tuesday,Wednesday, and Thursday’s, so it was good to get back on teh dirt. It sounds like we will be getting a possibly Big Snow-Storm Monday Night in ]to Tuesday. I might think about shifting days around, but Tuesday at 2:00am (3:00am Colorado Time) my Son will be starting “The Crucible” which is the Culmination of hist Bootcamp Training for the United States Marine Corps! He and his Platoon will be on a 54 hour Training, so there is NO WAY that I can say, “It is snowing out, so I am going to NOT Run” In Honor of him, I will be doing the HARD work. So please Send some Good Thoughts out to San Diego, starting Tuesday Morning for my son, and Get Out and Run!



3 thoughts on “Silver Rush 50 training Week 2

    • Hey Alex, No I live in Colorado, but my son is at MCRD San Diego. He Graduates BootCamp on April 19th. I will be out there For a few day to see graduation though.

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