2014 Silver Rush training Week 1

Well, Here we are AGAIN! training to COMPLETE the 2014 Silver Rush 50 Mile Trail Race in Beautiful Leadville Colorado, with an Elevation of 10,200 feet! I say here we are again, because last year I was pulled from the course at mile 40, thereby NOT completing the Race. fast-forward to March 24th 2014, and the beginning of the 2014 Campaign! I will add updates, and information about last year, as I move through these training updates. I will also Keep my updates Current, which I DID NOT do last year. Anyway, here we go!

Monday-Rest Day

Who can argue with a training plan that starts with a rest day? Not Me! So I did as directed, and did not run Monday.

Tuesday-45 minutes

So this week is Spring Break at Castle View High School, and we did not have Lacrosse Practice (Yes, I am a HS Lacrosse Coach) during the week, so I was able to Hit the trails. I ran Ridgeline Open Space in Castle Rock with my Buddy Schneider! I got 4.48 miles in 49:55 and 472 ft of elevation. The Good thing about Ridgeline is that it is very runnable! Overall, a good First Run for the Week!

Wednesday-60 minutes

Decided to hit the Trails again, and NOT get up Early. I ran at Ridgeline again, and was able to make changes so it was a different run from yesterday. I ran 5.42 miles in 1:00:44 with 579 ft of elevation. The Great thing about Ridgeline Open Space, is that it is only 10 minutes from my house, and there are 10 miles of Trails! I will be using this for a bunch of my Saturday Runs, where I just want to get miles in, and Sunday’s where I get Much More Elevation.

Thursday-45 minutes

2nd day this week that I got to run with Schneider, and 3rd Day this week of running on Dirt! Again, ran at Ridgeline but ran the North Side of the Open Space this time. Today we really pushed it, for me anyway, and got 4.65 miles at 47:50 and still had 438 ft of elevation. Unfortunately I won’t be able to hit the dirt during my mid-week runs, until the end of Lacrosse, but it is good to know that Ridgeline is here!

Friday-Rest Day

Yeah, you know what I did! I was also thinking that my First week of Training would be ALL DIRT Miles!

Saturday-90 minutes

Normally I would have gone to Run Colorado and did an early Morning road Run with the group there,Long Story there, so I decided to get back on the dirt and hit my New Favorite Trail, White Ranch in Golden! There is some good elevation, and the vistas are Great! I ran here by myself, but had a great run! 7.19 miles in 1:36:42 and 1926 ft of elevation. This was my 4th out of 5 runs, and it meant I would have ALL my training for the week on Dirt. I even saw a dead skunk while I was out!

Sunday-3 hours

This was the Mile High track Club-Trail Division Group Run, of which I am the Leader. Today we were running at North Table Mountain. This place doesn’t seem to have too much climbing, BUT that is because I had Never run the backside of the Mountain. We started out with 15 people including Mizuno Sponsored Runner, Mike Aish, always speedy wife, Nicole plus the ever-present group of Crazies.

Cruising the Trails above Golden!

Cruising the Trails above Golden!

We started out clock-wise from the parking-lot on the North Table Trail, nice and rolling, but we did get some climbing in. At one point, I took a digger, and left some skin on the Trail!

No Pain, No Gain!

No Pain, No Gain!

I ended up with 13.75 miles in 2:46:07 and got 2,300 ft of elevation! It was a great day to be out running, and when is it Not a good day for a Long Run, when you have friends to run with.

Next weeks Long Run will include the XTerra 24K Trail race. Looking forward to Week 2!

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