2014 Silver Rush Training Week 2

Week two started out with a Bang! I was really excited to build on what I thought was a Great start to my Training for the 2014 Silver Rush. I knew this week would also be tough as I had my typical Lacrosse games during the week, and some other things going on.

Monday-Rest Day

I was a little sore after my Sunday Run, and my little “Accident” so a rest day was welcomed. As my training progresses, I am sure that these days are going to become even More appreciated!

Tuesday-45 minutes

Back to the old grind of Running EARLY, so I can be at work on time, them directly to School for 2 Lacrosse games. I have kind of embraced these early morning runs. Up at 3:30am to get to the office, and then get my run in. I ran 4.82 miles in 47:06. I even got 305 feet of elevation, as I have a hill that I ran ONE Repeat on! I am thinking of doing repeats here once a week-Maybe!

Wednesday-60 minutes

Someone is going to be Pissed if they read this, but I got home Tuesday Night from our Lacrosse Game at 11:00 pm and just knew that 4 hours of sleep was Not a Good idea, to start my day. So unfortunately This Run fell by the way-side to instead get some much-needed sleep.

Thursday-45 minutes

Yeah, guess what? Even though it is Springtime in Colorado, we woke up to Snow! actually ended up getting 6 inches in Castle Rock. Since I missed my Wednesday Run, I HAD to get this run in. When I got to the office, there was already 2-3 inches of snow. Just in case, I chose my Brooks Adrenaline ASR Screw Shoes. Which I didn’t really need, by the way. It was fun running in the snow, and peaceful at that. It was, however, like running in cement! I got 4.53 miles in, in 47:10. Not the best pace, but Done!

Friday-Rest Day

I was hoping for a bigger weekend, and again, figured I would enjoy my rest day, which I did!

Saturday-90 minutes

Trail Run! I got a Face Book message from my buddy Nick, asking what my Saturday run plans were. 90 minutes at Mount Falcon, I told him. He asked if I wanted company, and I gladly accepted, after all, who doesn’t like running with friends? This was also the day I was going to break in my NEW New Balance 1210’s!

my New Kicks! The 2014 New Balance 1210 Leadville Edition

my New Kicks! The 2014 New Balance 1210 Leadville Edition

So I am about 10 minutes out of the house when I realize that I FORGOT my new Shoes. I guess, that breaking them in at a Race is OK!?!?!?!So we meet at Mount falcon, and Nick and I embark on a somewhat new Trail, and Park for me. Nick and I had a Great time. I only needed to run 90 minutes, so we ended up with 6.38 miles, BUT we got 1926 feet of Vertical, in 1:30:04. Overall Solid run!

Sunday-3 hours.

I might do its own write-up on my Sunday Long Run…….The XTerra Cheyenne Mountain Trail Race. but for now, will just write about it here. One of the Girls from MHTC-trail Div. ran this with me, and it was a lot of fun! Cold to start, but Just before the actual start, the temp finally started to climb. I even thought that I would not Need my Long-Sleeve. It was a great course, but HUGE Bottlenecks at the beginning. Anyway, Meaghan and I both finished, and both placed TOP 5 in our AG’s. I will admit HERE Only, that there were ONLY 5 people in my AG.

Well insn't that interesting. ME, Not Wearing Black!

Well isn’t that interesting. ME, Not Wearing Black!

Solid Run, I think, by us both, and again, always good to run with friends! I was a bit disappointed that I did not get in a full 25K. instead, only seen to have gotten 11.61 miles, and NOT the 14.88! It was good, in that, I still had a good week, and didn’t think on day would hurt. Anyway, 11.61 miles in 2:36:26. And YES, Meaghan did beat me by about 1 minute.

well, that’s about it for last weeks training. I wish it was more dazzling, but it was one of those Life/issues deals. I did end up getting 27.33 miles in at 5:40:45 and 3821 Feet of elevation!


Anyway, thanks for reading,



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