2014 Silver Rush Training Week 3

Well, Week 3 is IN THE BOOKS! This was a Difficult week, filled with late Night Lacrosse, Coaching, then EARLY wake-ups for running, and even a Very Late Night because of Post-Victory Beer and Wings! This was also a Step Up week, and I really wanted to push the distance so I could feel better about my upcoming (13 Days) 50K. I think I at least Partially Achieved that.

Monday-Rest Day

I didn’t really feel like I needed a rest day after the weekend, my legs were feeling it a little, but nothing really unmanageable. I did, as you might expect, take the day off and rest though.

Tuesday-45 minutes

I knew this was going to be a Crazy week, and this was the start. Up at 3:30am to get my gear, work-clothes and Lacrosse Clothes ready. Then out the door and to my office so I can get 45 minutes of running in! Pretty un-eventful run, as most of my mid-week runs are. They will pretty much be the same, and this one was no different. I got 4.69 miles in 46:14 for a 9:51 pace. It was a nice balmy 30 degrees and was definitely a shorts day, and my Colfax Marathon Ambassador’s Jacket!

Wednesday-60 minutes

WOW! This Run really sucked! CVHS Boys Lacrosse Victory last night and it was brought up that we had not gone out as a Coaching Staff yet. Those that know me, know I LOVE WINGS and Beer! In bed by 11:30p and up at 3:30a to get a longer run in! The Good thing was that it was 50 degrees out, the bad thing was that I was Over-Dressed. Tried to get some more hills, but just was tired and wanted to finish my run. I was able to get 5.66 miles in 1:00:46 for a, Wait For It…………10:45 pace. Ha!

Thursday-45 minutes

Thursday’s Run was really good!Especially after yesterday’s Shit-Show! I was feeling really good, so kid’s remember this, Get Your Sleep! Anyway, only 45 minutes, and I did some hill repeats. 3 times up a nice .33 mile climb. Yes, three times ARE Hill Repeats. Anyway, I got 5.04 miles in 49:31 for a 9:49 pace.

Friday-Rest Day

Rest Day! just meant I didn’t have to get up early, but I did have to fly down to Colorado Springs after work for 2 Lacrosse Games. In bed by 11:30pm

Saturday-2 Hours

Needed to get 2 hours in and almost went to Run with the Run Colorado folks, but I still think that As Much dirt time as possible, is Only Going to Help, so I headed to one of my FAVORITE Spots, White Ranch in Golden. Also got some company from my buddy Nick who is starting to Train for The Mt. Evans Ascent, and the Pikes Peak Ascent, so he needs ELEVATION! It is Always great having someone to run with! Anyway, we got to explore some new shorter trails, and were able to find a great, albeit, small waterfall. It was good that we got out early because there were Tons of people out, almost all, heading up as we were heading down. We got 8.27 miles in 1:51:32 for a 13:29 pace. Most importantly, we got 2205 feet of elevation gain!

Sunday-3.5 Hours

So the plan was to head to Roxborough Park, and get 3.5 hours of running in. Then the Snowy/Rainy/Windy crap came in and everyone that signed up for the Sunday Trail Run backed out. well, Everyone EXCEPT for Allen! I knew he would be there, and I knew he would be in shorts. When we got to the Trail-head, it was still 36 degrees out, and the conditions were not bad. yes, I was rocking shorts too. we headed out with a general plan, and I thought that it would fall short on time, but because of the weather, I was OK with that.

The Weather Can't Stop Us!

The Weather Can’t Stop Us!

We headed out and UP the Back road, which was our main elevation gain, and then jumped on some single-track and headed out to Carpenter Peak. NO View because of the fog and snow. We then headed out on a loop that I had not done yet, so we could do some Exploring! It was great just running and not really knowing when we would be back to the beginning of the loop.

Doing some Exploring. Found a new way to get on the Colo Trail!

Doing some Exploring. Found a new way to get on the Colo Trail!

After the Loop, we made a small climb back up the hill, so we could drop down into the Park again. Allen could tell that if there was no snow, this would be a FUN, Bombing Down-Hill! So yes, we will be back! Anyway, we got 10.02 miles in 2:11:37 for a 13:09 pace. We also got 2185 feet of elevation gain.

Overall, I was happy with my week. I still have some big weekends coming up, but I am feeling like I am progressing at a good pace, and that I am doing the things that will help me Complete the Silver Rush 50! That being said, New Balance came through this week and got me my codes, so I was able to OFFICIALLY Register for the Silver Rush! So a Huge Thanks to New Balance! I ended up with 33.68 miles and 5353 feet of elevation gain.

Thanks for Reading!




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