2014 Silver Rush Training Week 4

Well, I have 4 weeks of Training, Under my Belt now! Just so everyone knows, if I haven’t explained, my Training goes like this: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday on the roads (because of work and Lacrosse 😦 ) and Saturday/Sunday on the DIRT! Week 4 was no different, and I was able to get some better sleep during the week, meaning I was better rested!

Monday-Rest Day

I was able to accomplish this, while still coaching Lacrosse. I usually get about a mile of walking in, just in the small area that I walk during practice. But that still counts as a rest day.

Tuesday-45 Minutes

So Tuesday Morning’s run was good. It was still a bit chilly out, 30 degrees according to my Garmin, but STILL Shorts Weather in my book! In fact I had Officially put my Winter Running Tights away. Felt good during this run and even had a semi-fast 9:11 mile. I run with some plenty fast people on occasion, but I was happy with that. Anyway I got 4.83 miles in 45:25 for a 9:25 Pace. I was wearing my Trusty Mizuno Wave Inspire 9’s (oooh look, something new added to the blog-which shoes I’m wearing!)

Wednesday-60 Minutes

OK, as boring as running around my office can be, it is also fun to just go out and figure out where to run, that will get me my time, in this case, 60 minutes. Also, I was determined to have a better  run than I did Last Wednesday, and I achieved that as well. I will fully admit, that I kind of mis-estimated my time, and when I got back to the parking lot of my building, I walked all the way around to get closer to the 60 minutes, so the pace was a little “off”, but I got 5.41 miles in 54:31 (remember my 10% rule) for a 10:05 pace. Again, I was running in my Trusty Mizuno Wave Inspire 9’s.

Thursday-45 Minutes

Very Few Lacrosse games, got better sleep, and ran a slightly different course, so this run was a little more fun and interesting that my previous two. I also have been running without my Music, because a Second iPod Nano has crapped out on me, so it is just a Man and his thoughts on these runs. Sometimes not good, because I did a LOT of thinking about my upcoming 50K. I was able to think through a few things, like what to bring and have in my Drop Bag, and how to handle the second Lap since most of my Trail Running Friends are doing the 25K. Anyway, I got 4.89 miles in 48:17 for a 9:53 pace. And I was wearing my Mizuno Wave Inspire 9’s.

Friday-Rest Day

Rest days still mean I am up early because I will at least have Lacrosse Practice after work, or games, and I need extra clothes to change into after work. We did have 2 games Friday Night, and I also had some prep work to do, but there was no running involved.

Saturday-1.5 Hours

TRAIL RUN DAY! I really look forward to my Trail Runs, which is probably good since I am training to be running Trails for 50 Miles! I was changing up my times a bit, because Sunday was Easter, and I needed to be home early. Anyway, I decided to hit up Deer Creek Canyon and my buddy Nick came along, so I had company! I really like Deer Creek, it starts right out of the Gate with climbing, and then some nice rolling up and down. Some Great Views to be had also!

My Car is somewhere down there.....

My Car is somewhere down there…..

The weather was perfect, a nice 55 degrees and DEFINITELY a Shorts and short-sleeved Shirt day! We ended getting 8.58 miles in 1:54:43 (switched my run days) for a 13:22 pace and 2139 feet of elevation. Cruising in my 2014 New Balance 1210 Leadville Editions.

Sunday-2 Hours

So, today’s run was with the MHTC-Trail Division run. And we were running at……..Wait for it………Deer Creek Canyon! And yes, I am the one that sets these up, so it was a conscious decision to run there again!. Since I ran here yesterday, I was already pretty of the route and the time. I decided to get an early start; 7:00am, since it was Easter Sunday. That being said, it was a small group, but it was a Great run!

One of the Many Deer Creek Climbs

One of the Many Deer Creek Climbs

It had rained the night before, so the Trail was tacky in places, but so much fun to run, especially in the deep forest parts. I got 8.08 miles in 1:43:54 for a 12:51 pace and 2005 feet of elevation. We were definitely moving a bit quicker today, than yesterday. I was still rocking the New Balance 1210 Leadville Editions.

I feel that this was a good week of training, and was able to run with friends. Still looking forward to building my miles, but that will come as the weeks move past. That does bring me to my Saturday run, coming up. I have written about this before, but I will be running in the Cheyenne Mountain 50K, even though I only have to go 3.5-4 hours. I will NOT be running the race that fast. I do not feel that I am entirely trained up for this race, but I am using it as a Supported Long Training Run, and will be really trying to dial in some Nutrition and Hydration things. More about that Next Week though.

So for this week, I was able to run 31.79 miles and gained 5953 feet of elevation. Much more running to come, and I will see you all next week!




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