2014 Silver Rush Training Week 6

Well, Here I am, I have completed 6 weeks of training, and I have 10 weeks to go! This is one of my Mid-Week Step Ups. Meaning I went from 45-60-45 minutes to 60-90-60 minutes on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. I knew this was going to be a tough week, because I had family stuff going on, and Plenty of Lacrosse during the week. Oh, and that damn job that keeps Fouling things up! 🙂

Monday-rest Day

So typical rest day, which meant I had a Lacrosse game! While I didn’t have to run today, I did have a game to coach. It was nice to get this one over with because it was a game that had been cancelled THREE Times because of weather.

Tuesday-60 Minutes

OK, one of those rare days when I couldn’t possibly get my early run in, because of family issues, needing to get my wife to a really early Dr’s Appointment meant I would try to get it in AFTER Lacrosse. You might remember last Tuesday, 30 mile an hour winds, and 35 degree temps, and me being Dog Tired meant me Pussing Out on my run. It won’t happen often, but it did happen-Moving On!

Wednesday-90 Minutes

Wow, running for 90 minutes Before Work, when I start at 6:00am and obviously need to get ready beforehand meant that I had to get up at 3:00am, let me say that once more, I needed to get UP at 3:00am! I started my run about 4:00am and it was nice, because the weather was starting to change. It was warmer, 30 degrees and no wind! I got 8 mile in 1:21:04 for a 10:06 pace.

Thursday-60 Minutes

I just wasn’t feeling it today, which was kind of disappointing since it was only my second run of the week. It was definitely one of those, “put your head down and run” days. The Good thing, was I had my music back, actually had it for yesterday too. So that did make things easier. Plus when running on the road, it is much easier to just listen to music and zone out for a few miles. I ran 5.74 miles  in 57:35 for a 10:02 pace.

Friday-Rest Day

Rest Day Obviously means Lacrosse games. 2 games today, but no Running. Varsity game was really important, and we ended up losing in OT! Even on Sunday, the loss still stings. We hear tomorrow (Monday) whether we make the Playoffs. It would make things a bit easier if we didn’t make them, but I CAN NOT look at things that way, there are some Seniors that deserve to go to the playoffs , to end their High School Lacrosse Careers. I will let you know how things work out.

Saturday-3.5 hours

Heat Wave! This weekend was billed as being a Warm one by our Weather Folks, and they were right. I decided to get an Early Start, so I was on the Trail at Deer Creek Canyon by 6:30am and it was nice to be there when the sun was coming up.

Sunrise at Deer Creek Canyon.

Sunrise at Deer Creek Canyon.

It was going to be a longer run, and I was doing it by myself. I was planning on working on my Hydration and Nutrition, especially after last weekend, so I brought my 2nd helping of Generation UCAN with me. I love running at Deer Creek because it is a good shady place to run. Right out of the gate my Legs felt tired, heavy and sluggish. I figured that this would change but it didn’t for a bunch of miles. I got to hit the Homesteader Trail, which is a great little piece of Singletrack, and then headed up to the Red Mesa Loop. I was about 1/2 way through the loop, when it became really apparent that I needed to get some more fuel in me. I was in a kind of bad hole, and I really needed something, so I pulled over and mixed up my UCAN. It was really hard to get down, so I just sipped on it for the next mile. It worked, and I was back on track. Nice to know that I can work out of a hole like that, and I know when I need to get my UCAN in my stomach! I ended up running 12.97 miles in 3:05:41 for a 14:05 pace and got 2959 feet of Elevation Gain! It was also pretty warm out and I definitely needed for Skratch Labs!

Sunday-3 Hours

Mile High Track Club-Trail Division Run! It was going to be a good run out at White Ranch, but I would be missing some of my Staple Running Friends who were running the Colorado Marathon. Still had a good turnout with 7 people to run with! I was surprised with how my legs felt, what with how bad they felt yesterday. I had planned on getting some more good climbing in, and everyone was fine with that. White Ranch is one of my Favorite places to run, and I love knowing that place like the back of my hand. So when it was apparent that our group was being stretched out, it was great to be able to alter our route on the fly, so everyone would have an enjoyable run.

White Ranch Trail Group-I actually took a pic, since Meaghan was absent!

White Ranch Trail Group-I actually took a pic, since Meaghan was absent!

We had a great run and ended up on top of White Ranch. At this point everyone decided that it was time to go, but I still had running to get done. My Buddy Nick stuck it out, and finished the run with me. He is training for 2 Big ascent races coming up, so he needs to stay out there too! 🙂 It was pretty funny to see the last climb, as both of us were running on Super Tired, Dead Legs! Ended up running about 9.54 miles (I forgot to start my watch once) in 2:13:12 (again, time was off) for a 14:17 pace, and most importantly, earned 2105 feet of Elevation Gain.

So, even with a missed day, I was able to get 36.28 miles in, and had an over 20 mile weekend. I climbed 5776 feet of Elevation. It was a good week overall and I am looking forward to next week, where I should be able to get OVER 40 miles for the week.

Thanks for reading,





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