BIG NEWS! 2016 Leadville Trail 100 Entry

So I went down into the basement and Found Something! I Found my Blog! I brought it upstairs and dusted it of, and guess what! It STILL Works! Yes, there is a little sarcasm there, but it has been SOOOOO Long since I last posted, but I have Big News, and I will need to start writing again.

So, a Ton has happened since my last Blog Post, but I am  not going to get into that, rather I will Share some Big News, and then go into some of the why’s and wherefore’s.

I WAS ACCEPTED into the 2016 Leadville Trail 100 Run on August 20th and 21st! 4 years ago, when I first stepped onto the Course up in Leadville, to watch my Buddy Mike Race, I NEVER Thought that I would be racing this some day. So How did this Happen? Well for that story, we need to go back to 2012 for a minute.


The Starting Line of the 2012 Leadville Trail 100. JUST before 4:00 am!

I was out of a Job, and Mike Aish was running the Leadville 100 for the first time. I decided to go up to Leadville and follow him along the Course, and also volunteer at one of the Aid Stations. After that experience, I was super-inspired by the folks racing, but thought that the Silver Rush 50 would be the Challenge for me. 2013 rolls around, and I am up in Leadville for the 100 to watch, and volunteer again, but this time with my Daughter Mackenzie! We watched Mike again, and he came through our final Aid Station and then eventually come in 3rd! It was amazing, but I still had NO desire to ever try to run a 100 miler. 2014  and Kenzie and I head to Leadville again, this time thinking that our Buddy Mike was going to do something Special! He Did! Mike ended up having a great race and came in Second, to Rob Krar! 2015 comes up, and another Buddy of mine, Michael Welk enters the LT100 and asks me to help Crew, and Pace! I would’ve been up there anyway, to watch Mike Aish, try to break the Course Record (he broke the Leadville Marathon, and the Silver Rush 50 records earlier in the Summer), but being asked to Crew/Pace made this Trip Extra Special! And this time my Wife Kristal also came up! We all went to the Mandatory Team Meeting and then Kristal, Kenzie and I went over to Turquoise Lake to relax a bit. Kristal and Kenzie went out to a beach, and I walked up part of the Course around the lake. All of a Sudden, I was overcome with a very STRONG Sense of Something. I can’t explain it, but I was thinking about being on the actual Leadville Trail 100 Course and wondering how many racers had gone by where I was standing. How Many Finisher’s had returned past where I was standing. I took a pic of the Course and then headed back to my Family.

The Course.jpg

The Course

The Picture above was so simple, yet it would have a profound impact on me later. We headed back to town, and then the Next Early Morning, the 2015 Leadville Trail 100 started. It was great being there with my family, and helping my Buddy Michael, as he eventually Completed his First 100! We also got tot see Mike Aish, who had coached me to my Silver Rush 50 Finish, earlier in the Summer, many times on the Course! He would later have to drop, due to Stomach issues. We then headed home, after a very Long weekend.

October and November were really weird months, and I kept going back to that picture, and the thought of being on the LT100 Course. Even More ODD was that thoughts of ACTUALLY Racing kept creeping into my head, and they Would Not Go Away! Seriously though, I can Not Run a 100, Can I? I chatted with a few friends, and they really thought that I could actually complete this challenge, But I still had doubts. By Thanksgiving, I thought that I had enough in me, to Complete this Hugely Daunting Task!

December 4th 2015! That is the day that I finally decided that I would actually throw my name into the Lottery! When I did, I never thought that I would have as much anxiety as I did, just waiting for the Announcement to Come. 34 days later, and an e-mail comes in around 1:30 pm, I GOT IN! I received the Confirmation that I would be Running the 2016 Race Across the Sky! The Leadville Trail 100 Run! That is when the Nerves Hit, and the overwhelming voices in my Head!

Things have calmed down a bit, and I am excited to see what I can do. I have my tentative Training Runs (races) set, and once I get that list approved, I will post them here. Which brings me to the fact, that I need to get in touch with who I believe will be my Coach for this Crazy Ordeal. That will Also be touched on here, probably Next Week!

What I can tell you is this, On August 20th at 4:00 am I will be Here:


Start/Finish at 6th and Harrison

This is the Start, and Finish on 6th Street, and Harrison Street!

If you need to find me, I will be running and training all the time, just grab your shoes and put in a few miles with me!

This might have not been the best post i have made, but it has been a While! I will have regular updates from now until the week of the Race, so please take a look, and drop any comments or questions, and I will respond!



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