2014 Silver Rush Training Week 8

OK, so this is over a week overdue, since this is being written when I should be writing Week 8. but sometimes life gets in the way. But I will do a write-up for each week of training leading up to the Silver Rush 50. no matter how good or bad it is, so this week will not be an exception! This is/was the week that I not only had Work and Training, but also a Colfax Committee Final Meeting, and the 2 Day Colfax Marathon Health and Fitness Expo! Oh, and I forgot, this was the FIRST week back when I wasn’t getting up and UN-GODLY hours to run before Work! 🙂

Monday-Rest Day

You know how these go, Rest Day, I rested! I am sure that at some point in this thing, I might come up with something witty to write about, or maybe I will start doing some Cross-training or Core work like my buddy Mike has preached, but for now, this is probably all you get.

Tuesday-60 Minutes

First Tuesday Back for Normal time runs, and First time back with the “Tuesday Morning Run Club” which currently consists of my Friend Janelle, because we are pretty evenly paced, or so I think. Anyway we run at 6:00am on the Highline Canal, which has not been a favorite of mine, but it is quickly growing on me. Anyway we ran 6.14 miles in 58:56 for a 9:35 Pace.

Wednesday-90 Minutes

Totally blew this one. Can’t remember why I had to skip this day, but It was a day I knew I was not going to be able to run, and a day during the week that would not be able to make up.

Thursday-60 Minutes

So my Tuesday Morning “Run Club” Runs will make the other Mid-Week Runs not seem so monotonous because I will have the ability to change things up so much more. The only thing I did NOT like about my normal “Work” run was the fact that it was later in the morning, which meant MORE TRAFFIC! I always obey traffic laws while running, not because I should, but because it is SAFE. It appears that some drivers forget that when someone is in a cross-walk, That person has the right-of-way! Anyway, no Soap-Boxing here, so, I ran 5.84 miles in 56:19 for a 9:39 pace.

Friday-Rest Day

Yeah, Right! This “Rest” Day would consist of a day of work taken off, and then Working at the Colfax Marathon Health and Fitness Expo, Running the Relay Zone with my buddy Alex. Or as he and I called it, “Alex and Mitch’s Relay FUN Zone”. Anyway, I plowed through 9+ hour Day there, only to turn around and do the same thing on Saturday!   Photo May 17, 8 02 46 Photo May 17, 8 02 37                 So this was The Colfax Marathon Logo’d Mazda at that Expo. The Cool thing about this car, is that it had Almost all of the Racers Names on it, depending on how early you registered. Yes, My Name was on it!



Saturday-2 Hours

I knew I would not be running today, because I would be working another full day at the Colfax Race Expo. So if you are looking at Time on Feet, I did another 9 hours instead of the 2 hours I was supposed to! 😀

Sunday-2.5 Hours

Representing Lost Coffee! and Running on UCAN!

Representing Lost Coffee! and Running on UCAN!

Sunday IS the Colfax Marathon, Marathon Relay, 1/2 Marathon and Urban 10 Miler Day. The day that I have put so much work as a Colfax Marathon Race Brand Ambassador into, and the day that I will Race the 1/2 Marathon. I had toyed with the idea of trying to PR this Race, but decided against it. I wanted to run somewhat fast, but also wanted to run with friends. Some of them were pacing the 2:00 pace group, and others the 2:15 pace group. so I was caught in between, because running with the first would definitely PR and running with the second, would put me at what I thought would be to slow.

Miles 1-5

The Start of the race, or any race is always exciting to me, and the 1/2 Marathon had Thousands of Runners, so it was no different. We meander through, out and then back into City Park. Then we head over towards the Denver Zoo. This is the ONLY Race that goes through the Denver Zoo, and it is a blast. This is almost 1 mile of Zoo Fun, and we get to see Lots of Animals. We exit the Zoo around mile 3 and I am still hanging out with the Pacers, Alyce and my Trail Buddy Meaghan. I hung with this pace group until mile 5 last year, and that was the plan this year as well, or maybe 6.

Mile 6-10

So I am running with, or just in front of the Pacers, because they have to stop at the Aid Stations, and I am running with my HandHeld full of Raspberry Skratch Labs, so I so Jog until they catch up. Colfax is set up nicely with AS’s at each 2 mile Mark. So we are between 6 and 8 and I am feeling the pace that I am trying to push, so I figure I will drop back at 7. Then Mile 7 rolls past and I grab a Gel, which I probably won’t use. We turn around and head towards the Fire Station. Yes the Colfax 1/2 runs through a Fire Station as well! Through the fire Station and heading to Colfax at mile 8, I finally let the Pace Group quietly pass me by. I appreciate what they did for me, as I ran farther with them than las year! We wind onto COLFAX Avenue, and there are quite a few spectators, some of which are probably not used to seeing a Race ON Colfax, and it is pretty Cool. we finally pull off of Colfax, and I am pretty fried at this point. I wanted to Run the 1/2 Just on Generation UCAN, but that has run out, and I don’t want the Gel! I am hitting the AS’s to take on Gatorade (??) which doesn’t do a whole lot for me, and I have done a fair amount of walking the last 1 1/2 miles.

miles 11-13.1

I get back into a better running routine but not very fast, we come upon the Colorado Fire-Fighter Calendar zone and just like last year, there is some Fire-Fighter Dude in front of me Stripping off his Shirt, I don’t need to see this, and I move over Just in time to see, 20 yards behind him, the ONLY Female Fire Fighter in the Calendar, also wearing Boots, Bunker Pants, and her Sports Bra. Still Not buying the Calendar, Just for Her, but it was nice that they were Equal Opportunity this year. Mile 12 and almost done, Grab a cup of water, and finish my Skratch, and start the Kick in! Problem was, I got overexcited, and was too far from the Finish, oh wait, there is a nice Down-Hill Section! But then the course seems to finish on an Uphill! I finish in 2:11:15 and have 13:24 miles on my Garmin. for a 9:55 pace. The Crazy thing was, when I got my OFFICIAL Time it was also 2:11:15, which has Never Happened!


Overall, I was pretty happy with my Race, and my week. I also got to break in my New Mizuno Wave Inspire 10’s! I knew that my mileage would drop, and it didn’t drop too much, plus it was a step-down week. I ended up running 25.22 miles in 4:06:09. The thing that hurt was that this was all road running and I only got 506 feet of elevation. I will need to get back at it During Next Week!  OR WILL I???? (foreshadowing)