Mitch’s 2017 Race Calendar

WOW! I am SO BAD at keeping my Blog Updated! Maybe I need to find a way to get paid to write Content, then because it is my “Job” I will write more! Well, it has been almost a Year to the Day, from my Last Post, but I think I will be doing more writing this year. It seems Therapeutic, and it is also one of the Only creative outlets I have!

Well, now that, that is out of the way, lets get started, and discuss What I am Going to Do in 2017! Then I will break each one down a little.

March 18 – Run Through Time Trail Marathon (Salida, CO)

April 23 – Balcon Trail Marathon (Jefferson County, CO (Not a sanctioned race))

May 21 – The Colfax Marathon (Denver,CO)

June 21 – The Leadville Marathon (Leadville, CO)

July 8-9 – The Silver King (50 mile MTB on Saturday, 50 mile Run on Sunday(Leadville,CO))

Well there it is! Only 204.8 Racing Miles! But why? Why those 5 races, or 6 if you break apart the Silver King? Well, lets get into that right now……



I first ran this Early Season Trail Race in 2014 with some good friends, and they have since changed the course a little-taken out some Fire Road and replaced it with single-track! I will again, be running this race with some close friends, but well behind them! But Why, Why this race, well the answer is simple, and Stupid! This year, Colfax is offering a Really Cool Adidas Gift, if you run a Marathon BEFORE you run the Colfax Marathon! I know, NOT a very good Reason, but I have wanted to go back to Salida and this seemed like a good way to achieve both. The Only Problem with this Early Season Race, is that I am Not Trained up for it! Granted, I think I have a Pretty Good Base of Running laid down, and I do have 10 weeks with which to do some quality Training, but that has to start Now! This is a Beautiful Course, and its kinda cool, they are a Cupless Race, so much less trash, but I will need to be more self -sufficient. I am looking forward to overcoming the challenges associated with getting to the Finish-Line on this one!


What the Heck is a Balcon? is it a Bear? Is it a Falcon? Or is it the name of a Trail Marathon thought up by my Buddy Gary (and a few others) that runs through Mount Falcon OS and into Lair o the Bear and back? Yes, it is the latter! Squish the two Park names together and you get a great, FREE, partially Aided Race (run with friends) that covers trails that we have run on multiple times, but rarely link together! I wanted to do this last year, during its inaugural run, but I had a shorter distance on my schedule, and I was trying to stick to a Plan. This year, I am working it into my Plan, and going to enjoy a Great Time with my Trail Running Friends, Oh, and YES There are Finisher’s Medals! So if you are not doing anything and on April 23, and you want to Run, or Volunteer, jump on Facebook, search Mile High Trail Runners, and then sign up on the Events Tab!!! This will be a Great Training Run, and Great Fun as well!!!


Photo May 17, 8 02 46

The FULL Colfax Marathon? But Mitch, you always Proclaim that you are NOT a Road Runner! That is True, I very often say, that I do not run on roads, because I hate it. This however is changing, somewhat, for 2017! I am going to Embrace the Asphalt and run the Colfax Marathon. There are a few reasons for this. First, I have the opportunity, as a Colfax Marathon Race Ambassador, to run any of the races that Colfax has during the Awesome weekend of racing in June, if you are interested in signing up for Any of the Races! The Other is, I have been an Ambassador for my 5th year, and 5th year anniversaries seem to be my Big Years, so I need to Run the Full at Least Once, before I step down. And Finally, even though it will be a Good training Run, remember in March why I was running? Yes, I need to complete the TWO Marathon Challenge, in order to see what the Super Cool Gift from Adidas is going to be!


marathon elevation2015-06-21-21-04-27

YEP! You knew I wouldn’t have a Summer without multiple Trips to Leadville, Colorado! I Love this Crazy Awesome Mountain Town, I Love the Race Series, and well, I kind-of love the Leadville Marathon! I have had multiple success’s at this Race, and one bad Injury. So I am going for my Third Cool Coffee Cup, and will also be using this as a Training Run at Altitude, for my Key Race of the Summer. I know I will have a bunch of Great Friends up in Leadville, pushing, pulling, and just cheering me on, so this is fast becoming a, “no matter what” race, I foresee myself running the Leadville Marathon for many years to come! If you haven’t run this race, or you would like to check out the Heavy Half, partially on the same course, go to and sign up!


WOWZA! I should probably create a separate Blog, Just for this undertaking! Might be coming out soon:-)

Anyway, a lot of you know my infatuation with Leadville. I have been up there every Summer since 2012, and multiple times for Training Runs and some great camping too! But WHY This multi-Day, Multi-Discipline, Insane Race? Well the Short answer is, I needed a challenge to take the place of not being able to go back and complete my “Unfinished business” that is the LT100! instead of toeing the line at 6th and Harrison on August 19th, I will be in Quantico, VA watching my daughter, Mackenzie, Graduate from Officer Candidate School (OCS) for the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS. So yeah, that is a little important, and the LT100 isn’t going anywhere.

What exactly is this crazy race though? Well, it starts on Saturday with a 50 mile Mountain Bike Race. Lots of Fire Road, and single Track, all at a beginning elevation of 10,152 feet. There will be 4 times that I peak out, above 12,000 feet, and it is an out-n-back course that includes a really tough ride around Ball Mountain (part of which will include a long Hike-a-bike section). Once I finish this race, I immediately go into RECOVERY MODE, because on Sunday, when Most of the MTB Racers are sleeping, I will do the EXACT Same Course, but on Foot, this time! Same run up to 12,000+ feet 4 times, same run down down down to the Turn-Around, only to have to climb back UP and around Ball Mountain, before heading to the finishline! I have Not had as much success here at the Silver Rush 50 Run, and that is also part of what makes this so Challenging for me, this is going to take a lot of Effort on my part, and a lot of, as Ken Chlouber says, “GRIT, GUTS, and DETERMINATION” to make it through this weekend. Oh, and I have nobody else to blame (Thank) for this crazy idea, than my Buddy Michael W! He will be racing this along side me as he attempts the LEADMan Challenge. He is the one that, rather easily talked me into this insanity. OK, maybe he mentioned it, and I, 5 minutes later thought, “Well, Gee, That seems like a Great Idea!”

So, that is my schedule as of now, I might be adding a few small races in, here and there, and might try to find a good MTB race to add, but this is set, and I am READY for 2017. Yes, it is going to be tough, with Work, Family, Lacrosse, and everything else, but I am Very Determined to complete this Calendar!

Please, leave me some comments, and drop me a line if you are interested in Any of the races, I would love to have the company!