Mitch’s 2017 Race Calendar

WOW! I am SO BAD at keeping my Blog Updated! Maybe I need to find a way to get paid to write Content, then because it is my “Job” I will write more! Well, it has been almost a Year to the Day, from my Last Post, but I think I will be doing more writing this year. It seems Therapeutic, and it is also one of the Only creative outlets I have!

Well, now that, that is out of the way, lets get started, and discuss What I am Going to Do in 2017! Then I will break each one down a little.

March 18 – Run Through Time Trail Marathon (Salida, CO)

April 23 – Balcon Trail Marathon (Jefferson County, CO (Not a sanctioned race))

May 21 – The Colfax Marathon (Denver,CO)

June 21 – The Leadville Marathon (Leadville, CO)

July 8-9 – The Silver King (50 mile MTB on Saturday, 50 mile Run on Sunday(Leadville,CO))

Well there it is! Only 204.8 Racing Miles! But why? Why those 5 races, or 6 if you break apart the Silver King? Well, lets get into that right now……



I first ran this Early Season Trail Race in 2014 with some good friends, and they have since changed the course a little-taken out some Fire Road and replaced it with single-track! I will again, be running this race with some close friends, but well behind them! But Why, Why this race, well the answer is simple, and Stupid! This year, Colfax is offering a Really Cool Adidas Gift, if you run a Marathon BEFORE you run the Colfax Marathon! I know, NOT a very good Reason, but I have wanted to go back to Salida and this seemed like a good way to achieve both. The Only Problem with this Early Season Race, is that I am Not Trained up for it! Granted, I think I have a Pretty Good Base of Running laid down, and I do have 10 weeks with which to do some quality Training, but that has to start Now! This is a Beautiful Course, and its kinda cool, they are a Cupless Race, so much less trash, but I will need to be more self -sufficient. I am looking forward to overcoming the challenges associated with getting to the Finish-Line on this one!


What the Heck is a Balcon? is it a Bear? Is it a Falcon? Or is it the name of a Trail Marathon thought up by my Buddy Gary (and a few others) that runs through Mount Falcon OS and into Lair o the Bear and back? Yes, it is the latter! Squish the two Park names together and you get a great, FREE, partially Aided Race (run with friends) that covers trails that we have run on multiple times, but rarely link together! I wanted to do this last year, during its inaugural run, but I had a shorter distance on my schedule, and I was trying to stick to a Plan. This year, I am working it into my Plan, and going to enjoy a Great Time with my Trail Running Friends, Oh, and YES There are Finisher’s Medals! So if you are not doing anything and on April 23, and you want to Run, or Volunteer, jump on Facebook, search Mile High Trail Runners, and then sign up on the Events Tab!!! This will be a Great Training Run, and Great Fun as well!!!


Photo May 17, 8 02 46

The FULL Colfax Marathon? But Mitch, you always Proclaim that you are NOT a Road Runner! That is True, I very often say, that I do not run on roads, because I hate it. This however is changing, somewhat, for 2017! I am going to Embrace the Asphalt and run the Colfax Marathon. There are a few reasons for this. First, I have the opportunity, as a Colfax Marathon Race Ambassador, to run any of the races that Colfax has during the Awesome weekend of racing in June, if you are interested in signing up for Any of the Races! The Other is, I have been an Ambassador for my 5th year, and 5th year anniversaries seem to be my Big Years, so I need to Run the Full at Least Once, before I step down. And Finally, even though it will be a Good training Run, remember in March why I was running? Yes, I need to complete the TWO Marathon Challenge, in order to see what the Super Cool Gift from Adidas is going to be!


marathon elevation2015-06-21-21-04-27

YEP! You knew I wouldn’t have a Summer without multiple Trips to Leadville, Colorado! I Love this Crazy Awesome Mountain Town, I Love the Race Series, and well, I kind-of love the Leadville Marathon! I have had multiple success’s at this Race, and one bad Injury. So I am going for my Third Cool Coffee Cup, and will also be using this as a Training Run at Altitude, for my Key Race of the Summer. I know I will have a bunch of Great Friends up in Leadville, pushing, pulling, and just cheering me on, so this is fast becoming a, “no matter what” race, I foresee myself running the Leadville Marathon for many years to come! If you haven’t run this race, or you would like to check out the Heavy Half, partially on the same course, go to and sign up!


WOWZA! I should probably create a separate Blog, Just for this undertaking! Might be coming out soon:-)

Anyway, a lot of you know my infatuation with Leadville. I have been up there every Summer since 2012, and multiple times for Training Runs and some great camping too! But WHY This multi-Day, Multi-Discipline, Insane Race? Well the Short answer is, I needed a challenge to take the place of not being able to go back and complete my “Unfinished business” that is the LT100! instead of toeing the line at 6th and Harrison on August 19th, I will be in Quantico, VA watching my daughter, Mackenzie, Graduate from Officer Candidate School (OCS) for the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS. So yeah, that is a little important, and the LT100 isn’t going anywhere.

What exactly is this crazy race though? Well, it starts on Saturday with a 50 mile Mountain Bike Race. Lots of Fire Road, and single Track, all at a beginning elevation of 10,152 feet. There will be 4 times that I peak out, above 12,000 feet, and it is an out-n-back course that includes a really tough ride around Ball Mountain (part of which will include a long Hike-a-bike section). Once I finish this race, I immediately go into RECOVERY MODE, because on Sunday, when Most of the MTB Racers are sleeping, I will do the EXACT Same Course, but on Foot, this time! Same run up to 12,000+ feet 4 times, same run down down down to the Turn-Around, only to have to climb back UP and around Ball Mountain, before heading to the finishline! I have Not had as much success here at the Silver Rush 50 Run, and that is also part of what makes this so Challenging for me, this is going to take a lot of Effort on my part, and a lot of, as Ken Chlouber says, “GRIT, GUTS, and DETERMINATION” to make it through this weekend. Oh, and I have nobody else to blame (Thank) for this crazy idea, than my Buddy Michael W! He will be racing this along side me as he attempts the LEADMan Challenge. He is the one that, rather easily talked me into this insanity. OK, maybe he mentioned it, and I, 5 minutes later thought, “Well, Gee, That seems like a Great Idea!”

So, that is my schedule as of now, I might be adding a few small races in, here and there, and might try to find a good MTB race to add, but this is set, and I am READY for 2017. Yes, it is going to be tough, with Work, Family, Lacrosse, and everything else, but I am Very Determined to complete this Calendar!

Please, leave me some comments, and drop me a line if you are interested in Any of the races, I would love to have the company!




BIG NEWS! 2016 Leadville Trail 100 Entry

So I went down into the basement and Found Something! I Found my Blog! I brought it upstairs and dusted it of, and guess what! It STILL Works! Yes, there is a little sarcasm there, but it has been SOOOOO Long since I last posted, but I have Big News, and I will need to start writing again.

So, a Ton has happened since my last Blog Post, but I am  not going to get into that, rather I will Share some Big News, and then go into some of the why’s and wherefore’s.

I WAS ACCEPTED into the 2016 Leadville Trail 100 Run on August 20th and 21st! 4 years ago, when I first stepped onto the Course up in Leadville, to watch my Buddy Mike Race, I NEVER Thought that I would be racing this some day. So How did this Happen? Well for that story, we need to go back to 2012 for a minute.


The Starting Line of the 2012 Leadville Trail 100. JUST before 4:00 am!

I was out of a Job, and Mike Aish was running the Leadville 100 for the first time. I decided to go up to Leadville and follow him along the Course, and also volunteer at one of the Aid Stations. After that experience, I was super-inspired by the folks racing, but thought that the Silver Rush 50 would be the Challenge for me. 2013 rolls around, and I am up in Leadville for the 100 to watch, and volunteer again, but this time with my Daughter Mackenzie! We watched Mike again, and he came through our final Aid Station and then eventually come in 3rd! It was amazing, but I still had NO desire to ever try to run a 100 miler. 2014  and Kenzie and I head to Leadville again, this time thinking that our Buddy Mike was going to do something Special! He Did! Mike ended up having a great race and came in Second, to Rob Krar! 2015 comes up, and another Buddy of mine, Michael Welk enters the LT100 and asks me to help Crew, and Pace! I would’ve been up there anyway, to watch Mike Aish, try to break the Course Record (he broke the Leadville Marathon, and the Silver Rush 50 records earlier in the Summer), but being asked to Crew/Pace made this Trip Extra Special! And this time my Wife Kristal also came up! We all went to the Mandatory Team Meeting and then Kristal, Kenzie and I went over to Turquoise Lake to relax a bit. Kristal and Kenzie went out to a beach, and I walked up part of the Course around the lake. All of a Sudden, I was overcome with a very STRONG Sense of Something. I can’t explain it, but I was thinking about being on the actual Leadville Trail 100 Course and wondering how many racers had gone by where I was standing. How Many Finisher’s had returned past where I was standing. I took a pic of the Course and then headed back to my Family.

The Course.jpg

The Course

The Picture above was so simple, yet it would have a profound impact on me later. We headed back to town, and then the Next Early Morning, the 2015 Leadville Trail 100 started. It was great being there with my family, and helping my Buddy Michael, as he eventually Completed his First 100! We also got tot see Mike Aish, who had coached me to my Silver Rush 50 Finish, earlier in the Summer, many times on the Course! He would later have to drop, due to Stomach issues. We then headed home, after a very Long weekend.

October and November were really weird months, and I kept going back to that picture, and the thought of being on the LT100 Course. Even More ODD was that thoughts of ACTUALLY Racing kept creeping into my head, and they Would Not Go Away! Seriously though, I can Not Run a 100, Can I? I chatted with a few friends, and they really thought that I could actually complete this challenge, But I still had doubts. By Thanksgiving, I thought that I had enough in me, to Complete this Hugely Daunting Task!

December 4th 2015! That is the day that I finally decided that I would actually throw my name into the Lottery! When I did, I never thought that I would have as much anxiety as I did, just waiting for the Announcement to Come. 34 days later, and an e-mail comes in around 1:30 pm, I GOT IN! I received the Confirmation that I would be Running the 2016 Race Across the Sky! The Leadville Trail 100 Run! That is when the Nerves Hit, and the overwhelming voices in my Head!

Things have calmed down a bit, and I am excited to see what I can do. I have my tentative Training Runs (races) set, and once I get that list approved, I will post them here. Which brings me to the fact, that I need to get in touch with who I believe will be my Coach for this Crazy Ordeal. That will Also be touched on here, probably Next Week!

What I can tell you is this, On August 20th at 4:00 am I will be Here:


Start/Finish at 6th and Harrison

This is the Start, and Finish on 6th Street, and Harrison Street!

If you need to find me, I will be running and training all the time, just grab your shoes and put in a few miles with me!

This might have not been the best post i have made, but it has been a While! I will have regular updates from now until the week of the Race, so please take a look, and drop any comments or questions, and I will respond!


2014 Silver Rush Training Week 8

OK, so this is over a week overdue, since this is being written when I should be writing Week 8. but sometimes life gets in the way. But I will do a write-up for each week of training leading up to the Silver Rush 50. no matter how good or bad it is, so this week will not be an exception! This is/was the week that I not only had Work and Training, but also a Colfax Committee Final Meeting, and the 2 Day Colfax Marathon Health and Fitness Expo! Oh, and I forgot, this was the FIRST week back when I wasn’t getting up and UN-GODLY hours to run before Work! 🙂

Monday-Rest Day

You know how these go, Rest Day, I rested! I am sure that at some point in this thing, I might come up with something witty to write about, or maybe I will start doing some Cross-training or Core work like my buddy Mike has preached, but for now, this is probably all you get.

Tuesday-60 Minutes

First Tuesday Back for Normal time runs, and First time back with the “Tuesday Morning Run Club” which currently consists of my Friend Janelle, because we are pretty evenly paced, or so I think. Anyway we run at 6:00am on the Highline Canal, which has not been a favorite of mine, but it is quickly growing on me. Anyway we ran 6.14 miles in 58:56 for a 9:35 Pace.

Wednesday-90 Minutes

Totally blew this one. Can’t remember why I had to skip this day, but It was a day I knew I was not going to be able to run, and a day during the week that would not be able to make up.

Thursday-60 Minutes

So my Tuesday Morning “Run Club” Runs will make the other Mid-Week Runs not seem so monotonous because I will have the ability to change things up so much more. The only thing I did NOT like about my normal “Work” run was the fact that it was later in the morning, which meant MORE TRAFFIC! I always obey traffic laws while running, not because I should, but because it is SAFE. It appears that some drivers forget that when someone is in a cross-walk, That person has the right-of-way! Anyway, no Soap-Boxing here, so, I ran 5.84 miles in 56:19 for a 9:39 pace.

Friday-Rest Day

Yeah, Right! This “Rest” Day would consist of a day of work taken off, and then Working at the Colfax Marathon Health and Fitness Expo, Running the Relay Zone with my buddy Alex. Or as he and I called it, “Alex and Mitch’s Relay FUN Zone”. Anyway, I plowed through 9+ hour Day there, only to turn around and do the same thing on Saturday!   Photo May 17, 8 02 46 Photo May 17, 8 02 37                 So this was The Colfax Marathon Logo’d Mazda at that Expo. The Cool thing about this car, is that it had Almost all of the Racers Names on it, depending on how early you registered. Yes, My Name was on it!



Saturday-2 Hours

I knew I would not be running today, because I would be working another full day at the Colfax Race Expo. So if you are looking at Time on Feet, I did another 9 hours instead of the 2 hours I was supposed to! 😀

Sunday-2.5 Hours

Representing Lost Coffee! and Running on UCAN!

Representing Lost Coffee! and Running on UCAN!

Sunday IS the Colfax Marathon, Marathon Relay, 1/2 Marathon and Urban 10 Miler Day. The day that I have put so much work as a Colfax Marathon Race Brand Ambassador into, and the day that I will Race the 1/2 Marathon. I had toyed with the idea of trying to PR this Race, but decided against it. I wanted to run somewhat fast, but also wanted to run with friends. Some of them were pacing the 2:00 pace group, and others the 2:15 pace group. so I was caught in between, because running with the first would definitely PR and running with the second, would put me at what I thought would be to slow.

Miles 1-5

The Start of the race, or any race is always exciting to me, and the 1/2 Marathon had Thousands of Runners, so it was no different. We meander through, out and then back into City Park. Then we head over towards the Denver Zoo. This is the ONLY Race that goes through the Denver Zoo, and it is a blast. This is almost 1 mile of Zoo Fun, and we get to see Lots of Animals. We exit the Zoo around mile 3 and I am still hanging out with the Pacers, Alyce and my Trail Buddy Meaghan. I hung with this pace group until mile 5 last year, and that was the plan this year as well, or maybe 6.

Mile 6-10

So I am running with, or just in front of the Pacers, because they have to stop at the Aid Stations, and I am running with my HandHeld full of Raspberry Skratch Labs, so I so Jog until they catch up. Colfax is set up nicely with AS’s at each 2 mile Mark. So we are between 6 and 8 and I am feeling the pace that I am trying to push, so I figure I will drop back at 7. Then Mile 7 rolls past and I grab a Gel, which I probably won’t use. We turn around and head towards the Fire Station. Yes the Colfax 1/2 runs through a Fire Station as well! Through the fire Station and heading to Colfax at mile 8, I finally let the Pace Group quietly pass me by. I appreciate what they did for me, as I ran farther with them than las year! We wind onto COLFAX Avenue, and there are quite a few spectators, some of which are probably not used to seeing a Race ON Colfax, and it is pretty Cool. we finally pull off of Colfax, and I am pretty fried at this point. I wanted to Run the 1/2 Just on Generation UCAN, but that has run out, and I don’t want the Gel! I am hitting the AS’s to take on Gatorade (??) which doesn’t do a whole lot for me, and I have done a fair amount of walking the last 1 1/2 miles.

miles 11-13.1

I get back into a better running routine but not very fast, we come upon the Colorado Fire-Fighter Calendar zone and just like last year, there is some Fire-Fighter Dude in front of me Stripping off his Shirt, I don’t need to see this, and I move over Just in time to see, 20 yards behind him, the ONLY Female Fire Fighter in the Calendar, also wearing Boots, Bunker Pants, and her Sports Bra. Still Not buying the Calendar, Just for Her, but it was nice that they were Equal Opportunity this year. Mile 12 and almost done, Grab a cup of water, and finish my Skratch, and start the Kick in! Problem was, I got overexcited, and was too far from the Finish, oh wait, there is a nice Down-Hill Section! But then the course seems to finish on an Uphill! I finish in 2:11:15 and have 13:24 miles on my Garmin. for a 9:55 pace. The Crazy thing was, when I got my OFFICIAL Time it was also 2:11:15, which has Never Happened!


Overall, I was pretty happy with my Race, and my week. I also got to break in my New Mizuno Wave Inspire 10’s! I knew that my mileage would drop, and it didn’t drop too much, plus it was a step-down week. I ended up running 25.22 miles in 4:06:09. The thing that hurt was that this was all road running and I only got 506 feet of elevation. I will need to get back at it During Next Week!  OR WILL I???? (foreshadowing)


2104 Silver Rush Training Week 7


I wanted to make sure and get that out there! It is hard to get all of my training in, and even more difficult when there are days like this. I always feel a little guilty stepping out to get my stuff done, and I appreciate that I can! So again, Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s!

This was a good and crazy week. I was able to get all of my runs done, even though I skipped one (more on that later) AND I hit my First 40 mile week! I was really excited about that! I also was able to get a run in on part of a trail segment that I want to do a Point-to-Point Run soon. More on that run soon!

Lets get started!

Monday-Rest Day

I talk about this all the time, but my rest day, was not really a Rest Day, just a No Run Day. today was the day that CVHS Lacrosse would find out that we DID make State Lacrosse Playoffs, and we had Practice! This would make Wednesday a Crazy day, because I had a Longer run, and a Playoff Lacrosse Game.

Tuesday-60 Minute Run

This is the last week of getting up at an Un-Godly time for my mid-week runs, as next week, I switch back to an 8a-5p shift, but it was a nice morning for a Run. My Garmin indicated that it was 54 degrees at the start of the run. I did my normal around work run, which included some small hills. I got 5.87 miles in 56:29 for a 9:37 pace.

Wednesday-90 Minute Run

Ok, we already discussed that CV Lacrosse was in the Playoffs, and the game was at 4:30pm against the #4 team in the State-Kent Denver. This would be a tough game, so I decided I would need to Take the Day Off! Hey look, that means I can sleep in, AND go run on the Trails! I decided to get my 90 minutes in at Ridgeline Open Space which is about 10 minutes away from the Dulleck Homestead. Which was a Great Decision, since I forgot my Watch! Stupid, I know, but yes, I did go back to get it! Ridgeline is where ALL my Trail Running started, and I was really happy to get a run in there. I ended up getting 7.54 miles in 1:30:20 for a 11:59 pace. I was pretty happy with that.

Thursday-60 Minute Run

Alright, we lost our game, and the Lacrosse Season is OVER! During our Post game Coaches “Meeting” (Wings and Beer at the Fowl Line) it started snowing. It continued through the night, and I pussed out, figuring I would run after work. Yeah, that worked out well, as I somehow skipped mt run for Thursday.

Friday-Rest Day

OK, Felt bad about yesterday, and I had many voices ringing in my head, so I got everything together and headed to my Last Early Morning Run for a While! I knew I had to get my runs in for the week, and I couldn’t let this one slide by! I still left a little later than usual which meant I got on the road a little later than usual which meant I would be getting back a little later than usual, but I still needed to take a shower, cause my Co-Workers are funny about things like that! Anyway, I got 6.13 miles in 1:01:37 for a leisurely 10:03 pace.

Saturday-3.5-4 Hours

OK, so I have wanted to do this Point-to-Point Run since last year. For those that are familiar with a popular Mountain Bike Ride, starting in Sedalia called the Indian Creek Trail. It runs from Sedalia into Roxborough Park.

My Truck is Way, Way, over there!

My Truck is Way, Way, over there!

There is also a Trail Segment that runs from Indian Creek also to Roxborough, called the Ringtail Trail. I wanted to do some exploring and see how far I could get on that trail. I also know that trying to get a Loop Run in is difficult on my longer runs. So I decided to do an Out-and-Back run using a part of the Ringtail Trail. I knew that if I could run the whole thing, I would have 22+ miles for the day. I also knew that with a pending Storm coming in on Sunday, more miles on Saturday would be good. Of course, I left later than I wanted and got on the Trail a full hour later than I had planned. I had things to do back at the house, so i didn’t get 22 miles but I did get a respectable 15 miles in. There is some amazing scenery in and around Roxborough, and I would recommend testing out some of the Trails there!

Awesome Scenery!

Awesome Scenery!

So anyway, I was able to get a fair amount of the Train that I wanted to run, in, and I was able to get some good mileage too. I ran 15.15 miles in 3:28:20 for a 13:45 pace. And also very important, I got 2135 feet of elevation gain! Look for my P2P run from Sedalia, sometime in early June!

Sunday-3 Hours

Winter Storm Warning! Castle Rock to get between 4 and 9 Inches of Snow, Happy Mothers Day! I had planned on running Mount Falcon for the MHTC-Trail Division Run, and especially after I heard my Buddy Mike Aish was using the main route up, for Hill Repeats! That’s about 5.5 miles round-trip and he did 4! So I wake up and my Deck is barely wet, no rain, no snow! Cool! But around 5:45am the people started dropping from the Group run, right and left! Hmmm, it must be raining at the very least up North. Grab my gear and start heading out. And you guessed it, it started raining, the further North I went. One of my friends that I run with quite often, texted me and asked if I was REALLY going to run? ANSWER: Yes! Probably by myself, to which she replied, “alright see you there Dude.” Well at least I know ONE person will be there. 🙂

Probably the fastest move from the cars ever, we grabbed our stuff and left, Just Meaghan and I. everyone else had backed out. The rain had turned into freezing ice bb’s and we needed to get into the trees quick, so we headed up Turkey Trot, because of the shelter, it was a good run/hike up for almost two miles.

See! We really did get out in it!

See! We really did get out in it!

Then we re-joined the main trail and headed up to the Shelter. It was there, that I decided to turn back down, and as I write this, I am not sure why. I was going to be nowhere near my time for the day, but it was cold and somewhat miserable. Also, it would get me home quicker for Mom’s day with Kenzie and Kristal! It was truly pretty crazy how different the weather was from Saturday to Sunday. Anyway, I ended up running 5.61 miles in 1:25:42 for a 15:17 pace and gained 1473 feet of elevation! Thanks to Meaghan for running with me today!

SO, even without running as long as I should have today, I still had a 40 mile week! that seems to be a pretty good mile-stone for me, and I was happy when I saw I had made it, after downloading my Garmin Data. It’s still snowing, and I have about 4-5 inches of snow on my table in the backyard. I’m glad tomorrow is a rest day! I ended up running 40.30 miles and gained a grand total of 5113 feet in elevation. I am pretty happy with those numbers! Training picks back up on Tuesday, and this week is going to be Nuts! I have the Colfax Marathon Expo that I need to work Friday AND Saturday, and then the 1/2 Marathon on Sunday. I am still trying to see if I want to really Push and try to get a 1/2 Marathon PR. I guess we will see on Sunday!

Thanks for Reading!


2014 Silver Rush Training Week 6

Well, Here I am, I have completed 6 weeks of training, and I have 10 weeks to go! This is one of my Mid-Week Step Ups. Meaning I went from 45-60-45 minutes to 60-90-60 minutes on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. I knew this was going to be a tough week, because I had family stuff going on, and Plenty of Lacrosse during the week. Oh, and that damn job that keeps Fouling things up! 🙂

Monday-rest Day

So typical rest day, which meant I had a Lacrosse game! While I didn’t have to run today, I did have a game to coach. It was nice to get this one over with because it was a game that had been cancelled THREE Times because of weather.

Tuesday-60 Minutes

OK, one of those rare days when I couldn’t possibly get my early run in, because of family issues, needing to get my wife to a really early Dr’s Appointment meant I would try to get it in AFTER Lacrosse. You might remember last Tuesday, 30 mile an hour winds, and 35 degree temps, and me being Dog Tired meant me Pussing Out on my run. It won’t happen often, but it did happen-Moving On!

Wednesday-90 Minutes

Wow, running for 90 minutes Before Work, when I start at 6:00am and obviously need to get ready beforehand meant that I had to get up at 3:00am, let me say that once more, I needed to get UP at 3:00am! I started my run about 4:00am and it was nice, because the weather was starting to change. It was warmer, 30 degrees and no wind! I got 8 mile in 1:21:04 for a 10:06 pace.

Thursday-60 Minutes

I just wasn’t feeling it today, which was kind of disappointing since it was only my second run of the week. It was definitely one of those, “put your head down and run” days. The Good thing, was I had my music back, actually had it for yesterday too. So that did make things easier. Plus when running on the road, it is much easier to just listen to music and zone out for a few miles. I ran 5.74 miles  in 57:35 for a 10:02 pace.

Friday-Rest Day

Rest Day Obviously means Lacrosse games. 2 games today, but no Running. Varsity game was really important, and we ended up losing in OT! Even on Sunday, the loss still stings. We hear tomorrow (Monday) whether we make the Playoffs. It would make things a bit easier if we didn’t make them, but I CAN NOT look at things that way, there are some Seniors that deserve to go to the playoffs , to end their High School Lacrosse Careers. I will let you know how things work out.

Saturday-3.5 hours

Heat Wave! This weekend was billed as being a Warm one by our Weather Folks, and they were right. I decided to get an Early Start, so I was on the Trail at Deer Creek Canyon by 6:30am and it was nice to be there when the sun was coming up.

Sunrise at Deer Creek Canyon.

Sunrise at Deer Creek Canyon.

It was going to be a longer run, and I was doing it by myself. I was planning on working on my Hydration and Nutrition, especially after last weekend, so I brought my 2nd helping of Generation UCAN with me. I love running at Deer Creek because it is a good shady place to run. Right out of the gate my Legs felt tired, heavy and sluggish. I figured that this would change but it didn’t for a bunch of miles. I got to hit the Homesteader Trail, which is a great little piece of Singletrack, and then headed up to the Red Mesa Loop. I was about 1/2 way through the loop, when it became really apparent that I needed to get some more fuel in me. I was in a kind of bad hole, and I really needed something, so I pulled over and mixed up my UCAN. It was really hard to get down, so I just sipped on it for the next mile. It worked, and I was back on track. Nice to know that I can work out of a hole like that, and I know when I need to get my UCAN in my stomach! I ended up running 12.97 miles in 3:05:41 for a 14:05 pace and got 2959 feet of Elevation Gain! It was also pretty warm out and I definitely needed for Skratch Labs!

Sunday-3 Hours

Mile High Track Club-Trail Division Run! It was going to be a good run out at White Ranch, but I would be missing some of my Staple Running Friends who were running the Colorado Marathon. Still had a good turnout with 7 people to run with! I was surprised with how my legs felt, what with how bad they felt yesterday. I had planned on getting some more good climbing in, and everyone was fine with that. White Ranch is one of my Favorite places to run, and I love knowing that place like the back of my hand. So when it was apparent that our group was being stretched out, it was great to be able to alter our route on the fly, so everyone would have an enjoyable run.

White Ranch Trail Group-I actually took a pic, since Meaghan was absent!

White Ranch Trail Group-I actually took a pic, since Meaghan was absent!

We had a great run and ended up on top of White Ranch. At this point everyone decided that it was time to go, but I still had running to get done. My Buddy Nick stuck it out, and finished the run with me. He is training for 2 Big ascent races coming up, so he needs to stay out there too! 🙂 It was pretty funny to see the last climb, as both of us were running on Super Tired, Dead Legs! Ended up running about 9.54 miles (I forgot to start my watch once) in 2:13:12 (again, time was off) for a 14:17 pace, and most importantly, earned 2105 feet of Elevation Gain.

So, even with a missed day, I was able to get 36.28 miles in, and had an over 20 mile weekend. I climbed 5776 feet of Elevation. It was a good week overall and I am looking forward to next week, where I should be able to get OVER 40 miles for the week.

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2014 Silver Rush Training Week 5

CRAZY WEEK! Lots of Lacrosse, Lots of work, and a 50K Race at the end of the week! But it seemed like just another week of training for me. I actually don’t know what I am going to do once Lacrosse is over. I still haven’t had my Mid-Week Runs bumped up yet, but that is coming soon. Everything was pretty much the same for Timed runs.

Monday-Rest Day

Monday was a Rest Day, which is good, but I, or course, had a Lacrosse game, so even though I wasn’t running, I was still spending Plenty of Time on my Feet that day. YES-we finally won a Junior Varsity Game! 🙂

Tuesday-45 Minutes

I have been getting slightly bored of running the same loops at work, so I tried something different today! I work right next to Centennial Airport, so I decided to run around part of the Airport. It was just something different and not really that cool, but I did notice that there are TONS of motorcycles around there, even at 4:45am! I ran 4.72 miles in 46:34 for a 9:52 pace. I did my road run in my Mizuno Wave Inspire 9’s.

Wednesday-60 Minutes

Warm Morning! It was 55 degrees according to my Garmin. Obviously, it was a Shorts and Short-sleeved shirt day, but when is it NOT for me? Anyway, I cruised around part of the Airport again, and it was a Cruise. I was trying to just go nice and slow. I have been running without my music because my iPod isn’t working, and so I was running through the upcoming 50K Trail Race, and I really started to freak out about the race, which got my run out of whack. Bottom Line, is don’t think too much when running! Anyway, I ran 5.32 miles in 55:29 for a 10:26 pace. Again, this run was in my Mizuno Wave Inspire 9’s.

Thursday-45 Minutes

OK, so I  had this 50K looming on the horizon, and I needed to get my wife to an EARLY Dr’s Appointment, so I thought it would be a good idea to make today a rest day, since I would be on my feet for a Long Time on Saturday!

Friday-Rest Day

Built in Rest Day, and another 2 Lacrosse Games on tap, so again, a longer day, and plenty of time on my feet! Anyway, I was glad that I was getting a bit more rest, because my legs were feeling heavy for some reason. Thankful for the Rest!

Saturday-3.5-4 hours

So, the day has finally come! The Cheyenne Mountain 50K Trail Race! I had finally come to the conclusion that this would just be a well supported 50K Training Run. One where I would work on Nutrition and Hydration. I had received my Skratch Labs Hyper Hydration, and I was going to use that and see how my Generation UCAN only, or close to it, Run would go. I get to the Park insanely early because Alex (my Colfax Marathon Ambassador Buddy) and I needed to create a Video for the Colfax Marathon. We get that done, and get our Bibs, and my friends start rolling in. Meaghan, Pat, Donna,Marcus, and Gary, who are running the 25K are there! Cindy, Michelle, Dave, and Alex are running the 50K! We get our obligatory Mile High Track Club-Trail Division Team Picture taken care of, and head to the Start.

The MHTC-Trail Division Representing!

The MHTC-Trail Division Representing!


This was an interesting race, it was kind of a Figure 8 or two Lollipops. On the first loop of around 7.5 miles, I was taking it somewhat slowly, and felt good. Alex and I were going back and forth, and we had some good chats. around mile 6 I kind of lost him, but figured he would catch me on the second loop. It was already warm, and I was realizing I was not drinking enough. The second section started, and I hit an Aid Station, and refilled my bottle and mixed my Skratch Hydration, but DID NOT start my second bottle of Generation UCAN! Big Mistake. Anyway, I was feeling pretty bad by now, not drinking enough, and pretty much out of energy. Mile 11 comes and the final descent of the FIRST Loop. I had to make the call to “Downgrade” to the 25K. There was no way I would be able to make it around the course a 2nd time. I will CERTAINLY do a write-up on this race, but for now, I ran 15.18 miles in 3:50:45 for a pace of :12 with 1993 feet of Elevation. I ran in my New Balance 1210 Leadville Editions.

Sunday-3 Hours

So I did not plan on running today, since I had “planned” on running a 50K the day before. Since that did not work out, I decided to hit up the MHTC-Trail Division Sunday Trail run. We ran at Green Mountain. The weather was not very good, but at least there was no Rain. We could see it in the distance, but it stayed away for the whole run, which was nice! It was really Really windy in places, though.

with the wind, I can see Why this was sign was there!

with the wind, I can see Why this was sign was there!

It was a good run, especially since I had never been to Green Mountain before, and we just ran, and explored. I got 7.6 miles in 1:34:33 for a pace of 12:26 and got 1235 feet of Elevation. I also rocked my New Balance 1210 Leadville Editions.

So, the Week of running didn’t go exactly as planned, but hopefully I learned something from the issues on Saturday. I still did have a pretty good week. I ran 32.81 miles with a total elevation gain of 3769 feet. Next week, I believe that my Mid-Week Times go up! Anyway, I thank you for following along and reading!





2014 Silver Rush Training Week 4

Well, I have 4 weeks of Training, Under my Belt now! Just so everyone knows, if I haven’t explained, my Training goes like this: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday on the roads (because of work and Lacrosse 😦 ) and Saturday/Sunday on the DIRT! Week 4 was no different, and I was able to get some better sleep during the week, meaning I was better rested!

Monday-Rest Day

I was able to accomplish this, while still coaching Lacrosse. I usually get about a mile of walking in, just in the small area that I walk during practice. But that still counts as a rest day.

Tuesday-45 Minutes

So Tuesday Morning’s run was good. It was still a bit chilly out, 30 degrees according to my Garmin, but STILL Shorts Weather in my book! In fact I had Officially put my Winter Running Tights away. Felt good during this run and even had a semi-fast 9:11 mile. I run with some plenty fast people on occasion, but I was happy with that. Anyway I got 4.83 miles in 45:25 for a 9:25 Pace. I was wearing my Trusty Mizuno Wave Inspire 9’s (oooh look, something new added to the blog-which shoes I’m wearing!)

Wednesday-60 Minutes

OK, as boring as running around my office can be, it is also fun to just go out and figure out where to run, that will get me my time, in this case, 60 minutes. Also, I was determined to have a better  run than I did Last Wednesday, and I achieved that as well. I will fully admit, that I kind of mis-estimated my time, and when I got back to the parking lot of my building, I walked all the way around to get closer to the 60 minutes, so the pace was a little “off”, but I got 5.41 miles in 54:31 (remember my 10% rule) for a 10:05 pace. Again, I was running in my Trusty Mizuno Wave Inspire 9’s.

Thursday-45 Minutes

Very Few Lacrosse games, got better sleep, and ran a slightly different course, so this run was a little more fun and interesting that my previous two. I also have been running without my Music, because a Second iPod Nano has crapped out on me, so it is just a Man and his thoughts on these runs. Sometimes not good, because I did a LOT of thinking about my upcoming 50K. I was able to think through a few things, like what to bring and have in my Drop Bag, and how to handle the second Lap since most of my Trail Running Friends are doing the 25K. Anyway, I got 4.89 miles in 48:17 for a 9:53 pace. And I was wearing my Mizuno Wave Inspire 9’s.

Friday-Rest Day

Rest days still mean I am up early because I will at least have Lacrosse Practice after work, or games, and I need extra clothes to change into after work. We did have 2 games Friday Night, and I also had some prep work to do, but there was no running involved.

Saturday-1.5 Hours

TRAIL RUN DAY! I really look forward to my Trail Runs, which is probably good since I am training to be running Trails for 50 Miles! I was changing up my times a bit, because Sunday was Easter, and I needed to be home early. Anyway, I decided to hit up Deer Creek Canyon and my buddy Nick came along, so I had company! I really like Deer Creek, it starts right out of the Gate with climbing, and then some nice rolling up and down. Some Great Views to be had also!

My Car is somewhere down there.....

My Car is somewhere down there…..

The weather was perfect, a nice 55 degrees and DEFINITELY a Shorts and short-sleeved Shirt day! We ended getting 8.58 miles in 1:54:43 (switched my run days) for a 13:22 pace and 2139 feet of elevation. Cruising in my 2014 New Balance 1210 Leadville Editions.

Sunday-2 Hours

So, today’s run was with the MHTC-Trail Division run. And we were running at……..Wait for it………Deer Creek Canyon! And yes, I am the one that sets these up, so it was a conscious decision to run there again!. Since I ran here yesterday, I was already pretty of the route and the time. I decided to get an early start; 7:00am, since it was Easter Sunday. That being said, it was a small group, but it was a Great run!

One of the Many Deer Creek Climbs

One of the Many Deer Creek Climbs

It had rained the night before, so the Trail was tacky in places, but so much fun to run, especially in the deep forest parts. I got 8.08 miles in 1:43:54 for a 12:51 pace and 2005 feet of elevation. We were definitely moving a bit quicker today, than yesterday. I was still rocking the New Balance 1210 Leadville Editions.

I feel that this was a good week of training, and was able to run with friends. Still looking forward to building my miles, but that will come as the weeks move past. That does bring me to my Saturday run, coming up. I have written about this before, but I will be running in the Cheyenne Mountain 50K, even though I only have to go 3.5-4 hours. I will NOT be running the race that fast. I do not feel that I am entirely trained up for this race, but I am using it as a Supported Long Training Run, and will be really trying to dial in some Nutrition and Hydration things. More about that Next Week though.

So for this week, I was able to run 31.79 miles and gained 5953 feet of elevation. Much more running to come, and I will see you all next week!