2014 Silver Rush Training Week 3

Well, Week 3 is IN THE BOOKS! This was a Difficult week, filled with late Night Lacrosse, Coaching, then EARLY wake-ups for running, and even a Very Late Night because of Post-Victory Beer and Wings! This was also a Step Up week, and I really wanted to push the distance so I could feel better about my upcoming (13 Days) 50K. I think I at least Partially Achieved that.

Monday-Rest Day

I didn’t really feel like I needed a rest day after the weekend, my legs were feeling it a little, but nothing really unmanageable. I did, as you might expect, take the day off and rest though.

Tuesday-45 minutes

I knew this was going to be a Crazy week, and this was the start. Up at 3:30am to get my gear, work-clothes and Lacrosse Clothes ready. Then out the door and to my office so I can get 45 minutes of running in! Pretty un-eventful run, as most of my mid-week runs are. They will pretty much be the same, and this one was no different. I got 4.69 miles in 46:14 for a 9:51 pace. It was a nice balmy 30 degrees and was definitely a shorts day, and my Colfax Marathon Ambassador’s Jacket!

Wednesday-60 minutes

WOW! This Run really sucked! CVHS Boys Lacrosse Victory last night and it was brought up that we had not gone out as a Coaching Staff yet. Those that know me, know I LOVE WINGS and Beer! In bed by 11:30p and up at 3:30a to get a longer run in! The Good thing was that it was 50 degrees out, the bad thing was that I was Over-Dressed. Tried to get some more hills, but just was tired and wanted to finish my run. I was able to get 5.66 miles in 1:00:46 for a, Wait For It…………10:45 pace. Ha!

Thursday-45 minutes

Thursday’s Run was really good!Especially after yesterday’s Shit-Show! I was feeling really good, so kid’s remember this, Get Your Sleep! Anyway, only 45 minutes, and I did some hill repeats. 3 times up a nice .33 mile climb. Yes, three times ARE Hill Repeats. Anyway, I got 5.04 miles in 49:31 for a 9:49 pace.

Friday-Rest Day

Rest Day! just meant I didn’t have to get up early, but I did have to fly down to Colorado Springs after work for 2 Lacrosse Games. In bed by 11:30pm

Saturday-2 Hours

Needed to get 2 hours in and almost went to Run with the Run Colorado folks, but I still think that As Much dirt time as possible, is Only Going to Help, so I headed to one of my FAVORITE Spots, White Ranch in Golden. Also got some company from my buddy Nick who is starting to Train for The Mt. Evans Ascent, and the Pikes Peak Ascent, so he needs ELEVATION! It is Always great having someone to run with! Anyway, we got to explore some new shorter trails, and were able to find a great, albeit, small waterfall. It was good that we got out early because there were Tons of people out, almost all, heading up as we were heading down. We got 8.27 miles in 1:51:32 for a 13:29 pace. Most importantly, we got 2205 feet of elevation gain!

Sunday-3.5 Hours

So the plan was to head to Roxborough Park, and get 3.5 hours of running in. Then the Snowy/Rainy/Windy crap came in and everyone that signed up for the Sunday Trail Run backed out. well, Everyone EXCEPT for Allen! I knew he would be there, and I knew he would be in shorts. When we got to the Trail-head, it was still 36 degrees out, and the conditions were not bad. yes, I was rocking shorts too. we headed out with a general plan, and I thought that it would fall short on time, but because of the weather, I was OK with that.

The Weather Can't Stop Us!

The Weather Can’t Stop Us!

We headed out and UP the Back road, which was our main elevation gain, and then jumped on some single-track and headed out to Carpenter Peak. NO View because of the fog and snow. We then headed out on a loop that I had not done yet, so we could do some Exploring! It was great just running and not really knowing when we would be back to the beginning of the loop.

Doing some Exploring. Found a new way to get on the Colo Trail!

Doing some Exploring. Found a new way to get on the Colo Trail!

After the Loop, we made a small climb back up the hill, so we could drop down into the Park again. Allen could tell that if there was no snow, this would be a FUN, Bombing Down-Hill! So yes, we will be back! Anyway, we got 10.02 miles in 2:11:37 for a 13:09 pace. We also got 2185 feet of elevation gain.

Overall, I was happy with my week. I still have some big weekends coming up, but I am feeling like I am progressing at a good pace, and that I am doing the things that will help me Complete the Silver Rush 50! That being said, New Balance came through this week and got me my codes, so I was able to OFFICIALLY Register for the Silver Rush! So a Huge Thanks to New Balance! I ended up with 33.68 miles and 5353 feet of elevation gain.

Thanks for Reading!




2014 Silver Rush Training Week 2

Week two started out with a Bang! I was really excited to build on what I thought was a Great start to my Training for the 2014 Silver Rush. I knew this week would also be tough as I had my typical Lacrosse games during the week, and some other things going on.

Monday-Rest Day

I was a little sore after my Sunday Run, and my little “Accident” so a rest day was welcomed. As my training progresses, I am sure that these days are going to become even More appreciated!

Tuesday-45 minutes

Back to the old grind of Running EARLY, so I can be at work on time, them directly to School for 2 Lacrosse games. I have kind of embraced these early morning runs. Up at 3:30am to get to the office, and then get my run in. I ran 4.82 miles in 47:06. I even got 305 feet of elevation, as I have a hill that I ran ONE Repeat on! I am thinking of doing repeats here once a week-Maybe!

Wednesday-60 minutes

Someone is going to be Pissed if they read this, but I got home Tuesday Night from our Lacrosse Game at 11:00 pm and just knew that 4 hours of sleep was Not a Good idea, to start my day. So unfortunately This Run fell by the way-side to instead get some much-needed sleep.

Thursday-45 minutes

Yeah, guess what? Even though it is Springtime in Colorado, we woke up to Snow! actually ended up getting 6 inches in Castle Rock. Since I missed my Wednesday Run, I HAD to get this run in. When I got to the office, there was already 2-3 inches of snow. Just in case, I chose my Brooks Adrenaline ASR Screw Shoes. Which I didn’t really need, by the way. It was fun running in the snow, and peaceful at that. It was, however, like running in cement! I got 4.53 miles in, in 47:10. Not the best pace, but Done!

Friday-Rest Day

I was hoping for a bigger weekend, and again, figured I would enjoy my rest day, which I did!

Saturday-90 minutes

Trail Run! I got a Face Book message from my buddy Nick, asking what my Saturday run plans were. 90 minutes at Mount Falcon, I told him. He asked if I wanted company, and I gladly accepted, after all, who doesn’t like running with friends? This was also the day I was going to break in my NEW New Balance 1210’s!

my New Kicks! The 2014 New Balance 1210 Leadville Edition

my New Kicks! The 2014 New Balance 1210 Leadville Edition

So I am about 10 minutes out of the house when I realize that I FORGOT my new Shoes. I guess, that breaking them in at a Race is OK!?!?!?!So we meet at Mount falcon, and Nick and I embark on a somewhat new Trail, and Park for me. Nick and I had a Great time. I only needed to run 90 minutes, so we ended up with 6.38 miles, BUT we got 1926 feet of Vertical, in 1:30:04. Overall Solid run!

Sunday-3 hours.

I might do its own write-up on my Sunday Long Run…….The XTerra Cheyenne Mountain Trail Race. but for now, will just write about it here. One of the Girls from MHTC-trail Div. ran this with me, and it was a lot of fun! Cold to start, but Just before the actual start, the temp finally started to climb. I even thought that I would not Need my Long-Sleeve. It was a great course, but HUGE Bottlenecks at the beginning. Anyway, Meaghan and I both finished, and both placed TOP 5 in our AG’s. I will admit HERE Only, that there were ONLY 5 people in my AG.

Well insn't that interesting. ME, Not Wearing Black!

Well isn’t that interesting. ME, Not Wearing Black!

Solid Run, I think, by us both, and again, always good to run with friends! I was a bit disappointed that I did not get in a full 25K. instead, only seen to have gotten 11.61 miles, and NOT the 14.88! It was good, in that, I still had a good week, and didn’t think on day would hurt. Anyway, 11.61 miles in 2:36:26. And YES, Meaghan did beat me by about 1 minute.

well, that’s about it for last weeks training. I wish it was more dazzling, but it was one of those Life/issues deals. I did end up getting 27.33 miles in at 5:40:45 and 3821 Feet of elevation!


Anyway, thanks for reading,


2014 Silver Rush training Week 1

Well, Here we are AGAIN! training to COMPLETE the 2014 Silver Rush 50 Mile Trail Race in Beautiful Leadville Colorado, with an Elevation of 10,200 feet! I say here we are again, because last year I was pulled from the course at mile 40, thereby NOT completing the Race. fast-forward to March 24th 2014, and the beginning of the 2014 Campaign! I will add updates, and information about last year, as I move through these training updates. I will also Keep my updates Current, which I DID NOT do last year. Anyway, here we go!

Monday-Rest Day

Who can argue with a training plan that starts with a rest day? Not Me! So I did as directed, and did not run Monday.

Tuesday-45 minutes

So this week is Spring Break at Castle View High School, and we did not have Lacrosse Practice (Yes, I am a HS Lacrosse Coach) during the week, so I was able to Hit the trails. I ran Ridgeline Open Space in Castle Rock with my Buddy Schneider! I got 4.48 miles in 49:55 and 472 ft of elevation. The Good thing about Ridgeline is that it is very runnable! Overall, a good First Run for the Week!

Wednesday-60 minutes

Decided to hit the Trails again, and NOT get up Early. I ran at Ridgeline again, and was able to make changes so it was a different run from yesterday. I ran 5.42 miles in 1:00:44 with 579 ft of elevation. The Great thing about Ridgeline Open Space, is that it is only 10 minutes from my house, and there are 10 miles of Trails! I will be using this for a bunch of my Saturday Runs, where I just want to get miles in, and Sunday’s where I get Much More Elevation.

Thursday-45 minutes

2nd day this week that I got to run with Schneider, and 3rd Day this week of running on Dirt! Again, ran at Ridgeline but ran the North Side of the Open Space this time. Today we really pushed it, for me anyway, and got 4.65 miles at 47:50 and still had 438 ft of elevation. Unfortunately I won’t be able to hit the dirt during my mid-week runs, until the end of Lacrosse, but it is good to know that Ridgeline is here!

Friday-Rest Day

Yeah, you know what I did! I was also thinking that my First week of Training would be ALL DIRT Miles!

Saturday-90 minutes

Normally I would have gone to Run Colorado and did an early Morning road Run with the group there,Long Story there, so I decided to get back on the dirt and hit my New Favorite Trail, White Ranch in Golden! There is some good elevation, and the vistas are Great! I ran here by myself, but had a great run! 7.19 miles in 1:36:42 and 1926 ft of elevation. This was my 4th out of 5 runs, and it meant I would have ALL my training for the week on Dirt. I even saw a dead skunk while I was out!

Sunday-3 hours

This was the Mile High track Club-Trail Division Group Run, of which I am the Leader. Today we were running at North Table Mountain. This place doesn’t seem to have too much climbing, BUT that is because I had Never run the backside of the Mountain. We started out with 15 people including Mizuno Sponsored Runner, Mike Aish, always speedy wife, Nicole plus the ever-present group of Crazies.

Cruising the Trails above Golden!

Cruising the Trails above Golden!

We started out clock-wise from the parking-lot on the North Table Trail, nice and rolling, but we did get some climbing in. At one point, I took a digger, and left some skin on the Trail!

No Pain, No Gain!

No Pain, No Gain!

I ended up with 13.75 miles in 2:46:07 and got 2,300 ft of elevation! It was a great day to be out running, and when is it Not a good day for a Long Run, when you have friends to run with.

Next weeks Long Run will include the XTerra 24K Trail race. Looking forward to Week 2!

Thanks for reading,



Silver Rush 50 training Week 2

Well, here we are! Week 2 training has been put in the books! I think that week 2 was highlighted with GREAT Weather, Especially during the weekend, which meant that I was on the Trails for my two weekend Long Runs! That also meant that my distance was a little shorter for the week, as I am doing my training for the Silver Rush based off of Time, and Not Distance.

Monday:Rest Day-I am only into Training for a Short amount of time, and I already love my Rest Days! Really what I love is the fact that I do not have to get up at 3:30am during the week! No Run today, but its lacrosse Season, so plenty of walking at Practice. I wonder if I can count that as Cross-Training??

Tuesday: 45 Minutes-I ran my normal 45 minute Work Loop, but I ran it in Reverse. Ah Yes, I can be tricky at times! It was fine, and I even thought that I had run it faster than the regular way, but I was wrong. I ran 45 minutes and hit 4.79 miles for a 9:30 pace. I was still struggling with my Cest-Cold a bit, but it wasn’t to difficult to breath. It was also warmish, at 37 degrees out at Run TIme. I do not know when this Upgrade came out, but my Garmin posts the Temp now, on my Run-Connect page. I think its kinda cool.

Wednesday: 60 minutes-This was more of a just go out an run for 60 minutes deal. I was up at 3:30a the day before, ran, worked and then had Lacrosse games, so I was BEAT! I didn’t know exactly where I was running, just that it would be for…….60 minutes! I ended up doing a couple of new streets around my old Nextel office, before heading back to my New Arrow Office. It felt like a good run and I was purposely trying to Slow things down, because I was having troubles breathing today. It was pretty much teh last day that I had Chest issues too! I ran 60 minutes and that turned out to be 5.64 miles for a 10:39 pace. Again, teh weather was nice, 36 degrees, so Yes, I was in Shorts!

Thursday: 45 Minutes-Feeling back to normal, and felt good during run. I went back to my old run loop from work, and just had a cruisey run. When I got finished, I realized that my pace was a little off. I think what I am going to do for a while is make my Tuesday Runs more of a Speed Work day, and my Thursday runs, more of a “Just Run” day.

Friday: Rest Day-Again, I took advantage of not having to get up at 3:30am, and Slept in until almost 4:45! Still coaching Lacrosse, so lots of Afternoon walking though. I think one of these days, I am going to bring my garmin to practice, and see how far I walk during practice!

Saturday: 90 Minute Run- Today was a BUSY day for me, so I got up early to get my run in. I was originally going to go run with the folks at Mile High Track Club out of Run Colorado, but the weather was so nice, that I JUST HAD to get back on teh dirt. So I decided to go hit up Ridgeline Open Space, which is pretty much my BACKYARD!!! Went out with my Handheld, and was going to try to get as much Elevation as I could. there are lots of shorter but steeper climbs, but not many long sustained climbs. The Trail was in great shape, and I was able to get 7.84 miles in during my 1:30:12 Run. I was only able to get 746 feet of elevation but knew I would get more with tomorrow’s run! All-in-All, I liked this run.

Sunday: 3 Hour Run- Sunday was another Early Day. I had to be in Golden, at the Chimney Gulch Trailhead at 6:30am. I was meeting Alyce M. and Jake C. They had needed to get 20-22 miles in, and it was my plan to just follow along until it was time to turn around since I only needed 3 hours. It was my second time of running out at Chimney Gulch, and it was nice to know where everything was. I also knew that the first 2 miles were just UP UP UP! This might be one of the best trails I have run on, by far! We set off, and get into a pretty good managable pace. We finally get up to the point where we get onto the Beaver Brook Trail, and it starts rolling. It alsogets VERY icy in places, and if you have ever been on this trail, you know that it can be VERY TECHNICAL in places. Like a couple hundred foot drop Technical. Finally got to the point where I was turning around. I said my Good-Bye’s to Alyce and Jake and started back. It was really pretty fun being out there by myself, but I don’t know if this would be a good Winter running spot to go out and do on my own. It did take me far less time than I thought and finished my run in 2:48:50. I did get 10.31 miles in and got 2340 feet of Elevation.

So for my Summary, I got 33.22 miles during the week. This was a good week overall because of the time that I was able to spend on the trail. I know that almost exclusively, I will be running on the street Tuesday,Wednesday, and Thursday’s, so it was good to get back on teh dirt. It sounds like we will be getting a possibly Big Snow-Storm Monday Night in ]to Tuesday. I might think about shifting days around, but Tuesday at 2:00am (3:00am Colorado Time) my Son will be starting “The Crucible” which is the Culmination of hist Bootcamp Training for the United States Marine Corps! He and his Platoon will be on a 54 hour Training, so there is NO WAY that I can say, “It is snowing out, so I am going to NOT Run” In Honor of him, I will be doing the HARD work. So please Send some Good Thoughts out to San Diego, starting Tuesday Morning for my son, and Get Out and Run!


Silver Rush 50 Training-Week 1

Well Hello and Happy Easter All!
Here it is, Sunday March 31st and I have One Week of training Under my Belt! I am doing a 16 week Time Based Training plan for the Silver Rush 50 in Leadville Colorado on July 14th. That seems so Far away right now. By then Lacrosse Season will be over (I Coach Men’s High School Lacrosse) and Tyler (my Son) will be back home from Marine Corps Boot Camp. Lots of changes, but I know the time for Training will FLY BY, which is why I MUST stick to my plan, or everything will go to Hell.

Anyway, here is Week One:

Monday: Rest Day-I love when Training Plans have Mondays as Rest Days, especially when THAT is the day that Training Starts. 🙂

Tuesday: 45 Minutes-I ran this, and will run most of my Mid-Week Runs, at work, in the EARLY Morning. I am battling a fairly bad chest-cold, so running for time right now is ideal. I hope this Cold Leaves Soon. Anyway I ran 4.48 miles in 45:05, and it was a bit chilly out-19 degrees.I was wearing my Brooks Adrenaline 13’s. I did not take any fluids or nutrition with me, but I AM eating Breakfast when I get to my Desk.

Wednesday: 60 Minutes-I was a little worried about this run, mostly because of time. I run for 1 hour, then need to get showered and changed and to Work by 6:00am. Also my Chest-Cold is hanging around, with no coughing during my run, but Horrible Coughing Fits After I am done. I ran 5.34 miles in 56:17 but was trying to take it easy. It was a balmy 28 degrees out and I was sporting my Nike LunarGlide 4’s.

Thursday: 45 Minutes-By completing this run, I would out due the number of runs I did in the Last two weeks. I really took it easy (was lazy). I still have my Cold, and felt like I was going to die when I was done running. I was coughing while running today, and am still sick! I ran the same route as Tuesday so figured it would take about the same amount of time. Ran 4.48 miles (EXACTLY the same as Tuesday) in 45:36, which was not too bad considering how I felt. It was a nice 36 degrees out and ran in shorts and a long sleeve tee!

Friday: Rest Day-MUCH NEEDED and no Lacrosse, so I knew I could NAP when I got home from Work! 😀

Saturday: 90 Minutes-SInce we had no Lacrosse Practice on Saturday, I got to Run with Mile High Track Club out of Run Colorado! I haven’t gotten to run with these guys in Weeks, so it was nice, AND The Nike Rep’s were making Waffles after the run! This week was a 12 mile out-n-back, and my thought was just to turn around at 43 minutes, assuming I would not even-split, or Positive-split my run. I came back to the shop about 1 1/2 minutes early and Really wanted to make 90 minutes, so I did laps in the parking lot! I ended up running 9.16 miles in 1:30:03. I was still sick, but no coughing Until After I was Done! Oh, and the Wafles were AWESOME! It was an Awesome 41 degrees, and I was able to run in Shorts and Short-Sleeves. I took in 1 Gel and about 20 ounces of Nuun. I also cruzed in my Nike LunarGlide 4’s.

Sunday: 3 Hours-I was really not dreading this run at all, except for the fact that I planned on doing it on the Road, as I was not sure about Trail Health (muddy) around my house. I left the House at 5:30am so I would be back in time for Easter breakfast! I Ran the 1st 9 miles to a friends house, and then ran with him for some company. It was good, because I forgot my iPod- WHO Forgets Music for their 3 hour run? I DO! Anyway, we were close to Ridgeline Open Space, so we did jump on the trail for a few miles, and it was totally dry! All in all, it was a great run with Michael, and I ran 15.87 miles in 2:59:20 so I guess I owe 40 seconds! This run also gained me 1100 feet in elevation, but I know I will need to ramp that up! I took in 2 Gels, 15 Pretzels, 3 Chews, 22 ounces of Nuun and 25 ounces of water. I was rocking my Brooks Adrenaline 13’s.

So my weekly Total was 39.33 miles, and I felt really Good overall. I know that my mid-week runs are going to get longer, and so will my Weekend Back-to-Back Long Runs. For week one I was really Happy. I am sure there will be weeks where I am LOW and hopefully HIGH weeks as well. I will also try to get these updates to progress as well, so if you have suggestions, PLEASE let me know. Also, I might be Stealing from YOUR Blogs! 🙂


Time Based vs Mileage Based Training??

Wow! A couple of people have asked me about this in the past, but This came out of the Blue! When I was doing my “Long Run” this past Saturday with the folks from Mile High Track Club, we started discussing different Training Techniques. During that discussion, I was ALMOST talked into changing my training for the Silver Rush 50 (training starts on March 11) from a Distance/Mileage Based Training Plan, to a Time Based Training Plan.

Now, as I just said, I have had discussions about this in the past, but never really thought about incorporating it as MY Training Plan. Well, until Saturday, when a Buddy of my, AND Ultra-Runner started talking to me about my Training, when it starts, where I plan to do my long runs, and how many Hours a week I planned to be “On my Feet”? thats when A few more folks came over and joined in the Discussion. # other people all agreed that they found great benefit in a Time based Training Plan.

I am already a “Head-Case about my Training, as you might have read in an earlier post, but this really threw me into a Tail-Spin! But then I started to really think about making the change. Sure, why not? I mean, training is training, and there are many Ultra-Runners that train this way. My only concern is this, is it the right way to train for ME???

Even though I am the only one that can answer this, I hope that I will get some feedback on what you all think. I have already printed out a 16 week Training Schedule for a 50-Miler, and it does look interesting. So over the next 2-3 days, I am going to compare the two, and make my decision. Again though, if you have any feedback, PLEASE let me know!

Sorry that there were no Cool pictures, but this was intended to be a Quick Hitter. I WILL make up for it next time!


18 DAYS!!!


Well, here it is….Only 18 days until I start my official Training for the Silver Rush 50 in Leadville Colorado! A 50 mile Trail Race, that STARTS at 10,200 feet in elevation and should top out at over 12,000 feet, 4 times. I fully admit that I signed up to do this on my own accord, I was not coerced or tricked into registering, and I am not complaining about either the Training or the Race itself. I have a group of friends who have said that they will come and support me, and I know that I will have Family Support through training and at the Race itself, but I am here to tell you, I am SCARED SHITLESS!!!!! I can say it again, if you didn’t get it, but I am truly scared about this endeavour I am about to embark on!

I do consider myself a runner. I am not a Fast Runner, but I can still run, and I do enjoy it. I will not win any races, but I AM a runner. So why should I be scared of this race? And if I am scared, why did I sign up in the First Place. Well, that can be answered by looking back to August of 2012. I went up to Leadville in August to go and Support a friend who was racing in the Leadville 100. You see, he had won the Silver Rush 50 weeks earlier, and almost broke the course record, without even knowing what the record was. It was also the First time he had EVER run that distance. Now don’t think for a minute that I have those delusions! No, my friend Mike is a 2 time Olympian from New Zealand, and he can run races to Win! I went and watched him race, and then volunteered at the Last Aid Station of a 100 mile trail race, from 5:30pm until 6:45am the next morning, when the dreaded Cut-Off Lady arrived, and had the un-enviable task of telling people that they could go no further in their race. I watched, and helped, not only the Front-Runners, and eventual winners of the 2012 Leadville 100, but I also got to see EVERY SINGLE finisher of the race. You see, everyone had to come through our Aid-Station. People came through All Night Long, and even up until the Cut-Off, and it was one of the most inspiring things I have ever been a part of. So of Course, I figured that, with the proper training, I could complete the Silver Rush 50.

So here I sit, 18 days from my Official Training Start Date, and I am seriously questioning whether I have over-commited, whether I have stepped into something that will overwhelm me to the point of not making my Cut-Off Time of 14 mile for running 50 mile, on Trails that Start at 10,200 feet, and Only go Up from There!

I know that deep Down inside, that I can do this, that I can put in the training miles and Finish this race. When I sit down and think about it, I get emotional about what it would be like to cross the Finish line.

So, I took a few hours before writing this again and I must say, I am in a much better place than I was when I started writing this morning. I am sure that some of it was a bit of an over reaction when I determined that I only had 18 days until I start training. That coupled with the fact that I started realizing that it was going to be difficult to Work, Coach High School Lacrosse, be an Ambassador for the Colfax marathon, be a Family Man, AND work my Training Schedule into the mix.

Bottom Line is this. I WILL DO THIS. I will Make it work, and I will get my Training done! I am going to have to use this Fear as a Motivator. I will Do what I need to do, because I WANT that Silver Bracelet, the one I will probably Never wear, and I want that Finishers Medal. I may need to rely on my Family and Friends a lot, so if I look or sound like I need help, please reach out to me. I appreciate that you guys listened to me, and I look forward to Crossing The Finish Line in July!

If you have any comments, feel free to leave them.