2104 Silver Rush Training Week 7


I wanted to make sure and get that out there! It is hard to get all of my training in, and even more difficult when there are days like this. I always feel a little guilty stepping out to get my stuff done, and I appreciate that I can! So again, Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s!

This was a good and crazy week. I was able to get all of my runs done, even though I skipped one (more on that later) AND I hit my First 40 mile week! I was really excited about that! I also was able to get a run in on part of a trail segment that I want to do a Point-to-Point Run soon. More on that run soon!

Lets get started!

Monday-Rest Day

I talk about this all the time, but my rest day, was not really a Rest Day, just a No Run Day. today was the day that CVHS Lacrosse would find out that we DID make State Lacrosse Playoffs, and we had Practice! This would make Wednesday a Crazy day, because I had a Longer run, and a Playoff Lacrosse Game.

Tuesday-60 Minute Run

This is the last week of getting up at an Un-Godly time for my mid-week runs, as next week, I switch back to an 8a-5p shift, but it was a nice morning for a Run. My Garmin indicated that it was 54 degrees at the start of the run. I did my normal around work run, which included some small hills. I got 5.87 miles in 56:29 for a 9:37 pace.

Wednesday-90 Minute Run

Ok, we already discussed that CV Lacrosse was in the Playoffs, and the game was at 4:30pm against the #4 team in the State-Kent Denver. This would be a tough game, so I decided I would need to Take the Day Off! Hey look, that means I can sleep in, AND go run on the Trails! I decided to get my 90 minutes in at Ridgeline Open Space which is about 10 minutes away from the Dulleck Homestead. Which was a Great Decision, since I forgot my Watch! Stupid, I know, but yes, I did go back to get it! Ridgeline is where ALL my Trail Running started, and I was really happy to get a run in there. I ended up getting 7.54 miles in 1:30:20 for a 11:59 pace. I was pretty happy with that.

Thursday-60 Minute Run

Alright, we lost our game, and the Lacrosse Season is OVER! During our Post game Coaches “Meeting” (Wings and Beer at the Fowl Line) it started snowing. It continued through the night, and I pussed out, figuring I would run after work. Yeah, that worked out well, as I somehow skipped mt run for Thursday.

Friday-Rest Day

OK, Felt bad about yesterday, and I had many voices ringing in my head, so I got everything together and headed to my Last Early Morning Run for a While! I knew I had to get my runs in for the week, and I couldn’t let this one slide by! I still left a little later than usual which meant I got on the road a little later than usual which meant I would be getting back a little later than usual, but I still needed to take a shower, cause my Co-Workers are funny about things like that! Anyway, I got 6.13 miles in 1:01:37 for a leisurely 10:03 pace.

Saturday-3.5-4 Hours

OK, so I have wanted to do this Point-to-Point Run since last year. For those that are familiar with a popular Mountain Bike Ride, starting in Sedalia called the Indian Creek Trail. It runs from Sedalia into Roxborough Park.

My Truck is Way, Way, over there!

My Truck is Way, Way, over there!

There is also a Trail Segment that runs from Indian Creek also to Roxborough, called the Ringtail Trail. I wanted to do some exploring and see how far I could get on that trail. I also know that trying to get a Loop Run in is difficult on my longer runs. So I decided to do an Out-and-Back run using a part of the Ringtail Trail. I knew that if I could run the whole thing, I would have 22+ miles for the day. I also knew that with a pending Storm coming in on Sunday, more miles on Saturday would be good. Of course, I left later than I wanted and got on the Trail a full hour later than I had planned. I had things to do back at the house, so i didn’t get 22 miles but I did get a respectable 15 miles in. There is some amazing scenery in and around Roxborough, and I would recommend testing out some of the Trails there!

Awesome Scenery!

Awesome Scenery!

So anyway, I was able to get a fair amount of the Train that I wanted to run, in, and I was able to get some good mileage too. I ran 15.15 miles in 3:28:20 for a 13:45 pace. And also very important, I got 2135 feet of elevation gain! Look for my P2P run from Sedalia, sometime in early June!

Sunday-3 Hours

Winter Storm Warning! Castle Rock to get between 4 and 9 Inches of Snow, Happy Mothers Day! I had planned on running Mount Falcon for the MHTC-Trail Division Run, and especially after I heard my Buddy Mike Aish was using the main route up, for Hill Repeats! That’s about 5.5 miles round-trip and he did 4! So I wake up and my Deck is barely wet, no rain, no snow! Cool! But around 5:45am the people started dropping from the Group run, right and left! Hmmm, it must be raining at the very least up North. Grab my gear and start heading out. And you guessed it, it started raining, the further North I went. One of my friends that I run with quite often, texted me and asked if I was REALLY going to run? ANSWER: Yes! Probably by myself, to which she replied, “alright see you there Dude.” Well at least I know ONE person will be there. 🙂

Probably the fastest move from the cars ever, we grabbed our stuff and left, Just Meaghan and I. everyone else had backed out. The rain had turned into freezing ice bb’s and we needed to get into the trees quick, so we headed up Turkey Trot, because of the shelter, it was a good run/hike up for almost two miles.

See! We really did get out in it!

See! We really did get out in it!

Then we re-joined the main trail and headed up to the Shelter. It was there, that I decided to turn back down, and as I write this, I am not sure why. I was going to be nowhere near my time for the day, but it was cold and somewhat miserable. Also, it would get me home quicker for Mom’s day with Kenzie and Kristal! It was truly pretty crazy how different the weather was from Saturday to Sunday. Anyway, I ended up running 5.61 miles in 1:25:42 for a 15:17 pace and gained 1473 feet of elevation! Thanks to Meaghan for running with me today!

SO, even without running as long as I should have today, I still had a 40 mile week! that seems to be a pretty good mile-stone for me, and I was happy when I saw I had made it, after downloading my Garmin Data. It’s still snowing, and I have about 4-5 inches of snow on my table in the backyard. I’m glad tomorrow is a rest day! I ended up running 40.30 miles and gained a grand total of 5113 feet in elevation. I am pretty happy with those numbers! Training picks back up on Tuesday, and this week is going to be Nuts! I have the Colfax Marathon Expo that I need to work Friday AND Saturday, and then the 1/2 Marathon on Sunday. I am still trying to see if I want to really Push and try to get a 1/2 Marathon PR. I guess we will see on Sunday!

Thanks for Reading!