Roadtrip to ASU!

Well, the few short weeks have passed, and the days have changed to just a few hours before we load up the truck, pack up the family and head to Tempe Arizona to drop Tyler off at ASU!  I pick up our rental SUV from Avis at Noon, Then we Load up everything that Tyler feels he will need for a School Year away. Next we head to Castle View High School and pick up Kenzie as soon as her classes end, then jump on I-25 and head South!

I didn’t want to put the miles on my vehicle, and then it had some mechanical issues, so renting a vehicle seemed like the right thing to do. It should be a Chevy Tahoe (or similar vehicle) so we will have plenty of room for Tyler’s gear, and an Air Conditioner that I can run the Hell out of! True to the way that siblings behave, a 15 1/2 year-old and an 18 year-old feel that it would be better to leave the 3rd Row Seating in place so, “we each have our own seat!” We’ll see how packing works out I guess.

I planned on leaving at 3:00pm and driving straight through to Tempe, with short stops in New Mexico, but will be leaving earlier as I just found out that Kenzie does not have a 4th period! She is planning on taking her laptop and getting homework assignments for the ONE DAY that she will miss from school. She CLEARLY did not get that dedication to school from me!

Once on the road, I want to just stop for gas, and push on through. I am sure that everyone else will want to stop along the way, so I’m sure we will make a healthy compromise. I will take those breaks so I can get some cool pictures to update Facebook and Twitter, and so I have something to put into a future Blog Spot, so they are not so plain.

Tyler has already let us know that he has plans both Saturday Night and sometime Sunday. There are a few School Sponsored events that he plans to go to. I am sure that this will push Kristal to that inevitable Waterworks display, in fact it might come sooner, since she announced at 9:00am that she was already having difficulties with him leaving, and Tyler wasn’t even awake yet!

Tyler has a HUGE check-in window on Saturday morning of between 11:00am and 11:30am! At that point we will get to see his dorm room, meet his roommate, and see some of the immediate surroundings. After that, and once we get his stuff settled in the room, I’m sure we will venture out further, grab lunch, and get the lay of the land. Finding places he will need to go, and see a bit of the campus will be a priority. Kenzie, Kristal and I will then head back to our hotel–Embassy Suites Tempe, and definitely hit the pool, before the complimentary cocktail hour!. I want to see more of the Campus on Sunday, and take a look at the “Historic” Sun Devil Stadium.

On Monday, we will try to say our good-byes and get on the road back to Colorado which will take 12 to 15 hours depending on which way we come home. I think we might take the mountain route home so I can check off a few Colorado landmarks off my list!

I will probably have a post or two while in Tempe, so look for those!

Oh, and Good Luck Tyler!



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